Waffles, Fries, and Chocolates in Brussels

Brussels welcomes you with a wonderful smell of waffles and chocolate. Honestly, Brussels really do smell of waffles and chocolates.


The first waffle I had on this trip was topped with Speculaas ice cream. Speculaas is a traditional ginger bread cookie, famous in Holland and Belgium. I thought I had to try it because I never had speculaas ice cream. It was goood. d(⌒ー⌒)

Speculaas Waffle Brussels

I had my second waffle like a true Belgian have it, with just a dusting of icing sugar. I had a take away from Maison Dandoy. Some people credit Dandoy to serve the best fresh waffles in Brussels, so I had to try right? The €3.50 waffle is good, crunchy and then it melts in you mouth. They served the waffle horizontal, I tried to be clever and practical by turning it vertical so I can bite it like a sandwich. It turned out to be a bad move as all the icing sugar went all over my coat. Hahahaha.

Check out Maison Dandoy for cookies too, they come in pretty boxes.

Maison Dandoy cool boxes

The third waffle was from a van outside a school, you see these orange old skool vans everywhere. €1.50 it was a re-heated waffle, slightly sticky with sugary syrup. It was differrent from the other two. I still like it, because it soothes me by its warmth and energy boosting sweetness. You know that comforting feeling when you are cold on the outside and warm on the inside.

Orange Waffle van Brussels


Vlaamse petat aka Flemish fries, traditionally you have it with mayonaise, despite not being a big fan of mayo I had one with. The fries I had was from very touristy places, so I am not sure they are the best of fries. They do taste crispy and crunchy, not like the ones they sale in a big American burger chain, which is usually floppy and wet. I watched them frying these potatoes, I noticed they dipped it in the oil twice. Twice dipped chips (fries in the UK is called chips) is the in thing at the moment in London, so it must be this technique to making them good. I must say these fries are nothing compared to the Vlaamse petat that can be found in an alley in Amsterdam near the V&D. Have you had this? Next time in Amsterdam, I’ll do an update on it.


Now Chocolates!

The chocolates from the famous places are very expensive. But you have to have chocolates in Belgium right? I thought I should try it from the source of Belgium Chocolate Pralines, Neuhaus. Instead of buying a box of chocolate, I went to their tiny cafe, Salon du Chocolate, in the shopping arcade, Gallerie St Hubert.


Neuhaus is where chocolate praline came from, it started when the pharmacist Jean Neuhaus covered the terrible taste of medicine with chocolate.  The Neuhaus family also came up with the idea of soft centered chocolates (pralines) and putting chocolates in pretty boxes.


I Ordered hot chocolate packaged with a chocolate, a biscuit, and 2 cake for €5, which is really cheap. The hot chocolate came in a tea pot, accompanied with milk and cream on the side. It is devine. After having this I don’t think I can call hot chocolates that are served in an ordinary cafe hot chocolates, from now on I am going to call them chocolate flavoured hot drink, Teehee ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
You can choose the chocolate and biscuits from their list, I chose a pistachio chocolate and a blueberry macaron, both are yum! I didn’t take any picture because the place was so tight and packed full of people. You just have to believe me or go there your self.