Happy Sunday Fellow Muggles

Happy Sunday to my fellow muggles!

Diagon Alley Happy Sunday

This is where the real magic happen, where Daniel Radcliff turned to Harry, Emma Watson turned to Hermione and where three owls became one. Warner Brothers Studio in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, where the young cast of Harry Potter films spend most of their childhood in, the real Hogwarts.

Everyone probably remembers when and where they read their first Potter book. Mine was in 1999 in Jogjakarta. When the first film came out, I was so dissapointed, but hey you would always be when you read the books first then movie. Despite my dissapointment, I have always think that the films have prerty good scenes and effect that is why I was so excited to go to the place it all happened.

The place is so cool, it tells you all about how they make the films. The details are just amazing. Every statue were made by a special sculpture, every painting was painted specifically for the films, every label on the potion jars and wand boxes are handwritten carefully. The robotic special effect on the mandragora, Buckbeak the Hippogrif and the darklord frail body.

I’ll upload some more pictures and a review about the experience.

For now I am going to bed, I am so sleepy, zzzz…

Harry Potters bed in Hogwarts