Happy Sunday! Who did you learn from this week?

Me? I learnt from a dog called Francis to make this matcha swiss roll. Hahahaha, this really tickles me, but I did. It is the most hilarious talking dog too.

I looked on youtube on how to make swiss roll, I have tried once before but completely failed. I tried another video this time, which branded cooking with a dog, I am not sure how hygenic the kitchen is, but i thought the cute Japanese lady who actually did the cooking looks brilliant.

Green tea swiss roll - happy sunday

I find Francees accent very distracting, as I kept giggling everytime he gives out instruction. The best part of the video is when francees introduces himself someone kindly blew a blow dryer to his face that he had to smile. If you can’t be bothered to cook, the video is funny enough to watch.

Beside all that my swiss roll was brilliant! Not as good as their swiss roll of course , but good enough. So I can conclude that Francees is a good cooking instructor. Teehee. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

What or who was the weirdest teacher (someone/something you learn from) you had?