Found Online – Kawah Ijen – Indonesia

All my writing lately has been more about my travels than Indonesia. I have around three updates waiting to be written but all something other than Indonesia. So I feel slightly bad about this, I am even contemplating on creating another blog to write things about my travels but in Indonesian language. However i am not sure I can maintain 2 blogs. (╯︵╰,)

Well that is a 1st world problem from a girl who came from the 3rd world country. I thought I would do an update about things I found online in relation to Indonesia.

The news is that many parts of Indonesia is suffering, Menado, North Sulawesi just had a massive flooding from the sea; Jakarta is pretty much been under the water, in Indonesian this is called Banjir ( band jeer), too due to the amount of non-stop torrential rain for the last 2 months; then the Eruption of mount sinabung in Sumatra and Kelud volcano in Java. (╥_╥)

Makes me think a lot about volcanoes, both the good and bad about having tons of them in Indonesia. This is when I found this article on Smithsonian website, Why this Indonesian volcano burn bright blue? Beautiful pictures by French photographer Olivier Grunewald.



The photographer spent 30 days near the crater to take these pictures ,that it took them 3 week when they are home to get rid of the smell of the sulfur. Also during his month there he lost a camera and 2 lenses due to the extreme corosive sulfur dioxide. Yet there are Indonesians who mine the sulfurs at 12 hours a day for around $5/ day for years.

Beautiful yet so dangerous. What do you think?

I am terribly sorry for the possibily depressing update. I promise the next won’t be.

—–in bahasa Indonesia – Not at all a direct translation——

Kasian juga yah bapak-bapak yang kerja menambang dikawah-kawah hanya untuk Rp680/kilo. Foto-foto indah ini diambil oleh Photographer Perancis Olivier Grunwald. Olivier bilang dalam waktu sebulan dimana dia mendokumentasikan kwah Ijen, 1 kamera dan 2 lensa miliknya rusak/ hancur karena asap sulfur dioksida kawah ijen yang korosif.