Tintin – Flight 714 – Indonesia, a tiny review

Another book that I have re-read, saying that I have no recollection of what I thought about it. Flight 714 is where Tintin was heading to Australia, but after landing at Kemayoran Airport (now a disused airport in Jakarta) crashed and landed somewhere between Sulawesi and Darwin?

Tintin flight 714 cover
I am sure I have read this book, but probably as a kid I never paid attention to the details. Which now I am really interested in as I do illustration myself, i think about backgrounds and drawings that provides the support of illustrating a scene. I also think a translated version to Indonesian must be different, especially when they discribe the locals to be Indonesian.

What do I mean by that? well, here is an example:

Indonesian speakingscene from tintinflight714

You see on the picture above the person describe here is drawn as a Malay or Indonesian speaking, how would this be written in an Indonesian translation?

What I find interesting is this book was published in 1968 and at that time the indonesian language was not as phonic as it was today, where OE is used to spell Indonesian U (english reads simlar to : oo) when Dj was used to spell indonesian J; Like Djakarta instead of the current Jakarta.

Another interesting is that they used Jelek for/describe not bad in taste; in indonesian Jelek tends to mean ugly, rather than tasting bad, we usualy use tidak enak. But I think considering we indonesian are not that great in translating either, I think this is a good effort from Herge at the time where Internet does not exist. Right?

In this book, Herge droped in a few ‘local’ animals, such as Komodo dragon, the Proboscis monkey and a Hornbill, Which in terms of possibility of those first two animals to exist in the same island is highly unlikely. But again good that he tried to encorporate some of the things that you can find in Indonesia. He does this on all his other books to, try to show some Lama to the South American and the Andean condors. These locals animals tends to show up randomly in Tintin’s adventures.


On this scene I hope this was either a typo or to describe ignorance of the bad people of calling Indonesian, Sondonesian.


Anyway I love the detailed background on Herge’s drawings. Have you read Tintin books? have you paid attention to the detail Herge has put on them? Do you have one about your country? if you do, did you notice anything kind of inherently incorrect but quite sweet?

In Bahasa Indonesia — not at all a direct translation —

Sebuah buku komik yang saya baca ulang dalam bahasa Inggris.

Lihat nih bandara masih Kemayoran yang telah ditutup sekitar tahun 1985. Wah coba kalau masih ada jadi bisa bikin tour Tintin.

bandara kemayoran dalam buku tintin

Dalam buku ini Tintin terdampar setelah Sumbawa dan antara makassar dan Darwin. Rangkaian ceritanya sangat sama dengan buku buku Tintin lainnya. Orang jahat – orang baik -penculikan – kejar – kejaran dan lain sebagainya.
Tintin terdampar di indonesia

Setelah membaca buku ini, lalu pertanyaan saya adalah: kalau dalam terjemahan bahasa Indonesia apakah waktu orang Indonesia ngomong disini bahasanya tetap bhs Indonesia atau diganti? Atau apakah tulisannya dibenarkan ke bahasa indonesia?

bahasa indonesia di buku tintin

Bagi yang tahu jawabannya atau bahkan punya dalam tangan buku Penerbangan 714, kasih tahu yah? \(^▽^@)ノ

Saya juga memperhatikan dalam buku ini bagaimana Herge menggammbarkan hewan-hewan Indonesia.Menurut saya walaupun kayaknya rada gak mungkin komodo dan bekantan dalam suatu tempaat yang sama, usaha Herge yang selalu mencoba memperkenalkan hewan liar negara-negara yang dikunjungi Tintin, bagus.(gambar diatas)

Untuk yang mungkin tertarik akan penggambaran latar belakang illustrasi Tintin yang mengandung Indonesia, nih photonya.

Tintin di Indonesia

O-i-a nih gambar Tintin makan ketoprak, hahahaha. Oleh Zeikai dari Deviant Art.
tintin makan ketoprak

Disclaimer bukan saya atau Hergé yang gambar, tapi Zeikai.

Jangan lupa kalau tau jawaban akan pertanyaan saya diatas tulis di kotak comment dibawah yah?!? (^~^)