Getting lost in Venice

People say you just need to get lost in Venice, then you will find treasures. I was suspicious of this saying, because a lot of people also say there is no use of a map you will get lost anyway. Being my annoying self, I’d like to proof all those people wrong, and vowed to not be lost.

First thing I did was to find the tourism information centre, and get a map. Dissapointingly the map was not free, €3. Next, find the most popular site in Venice, I tried doing this without looking at my map. Here is the kind of thing the signage shows you.


No wonder people get lost.

This is when I started looking at the map.

Found the Rialto Bridge then Plaza st Marco.
Rialto Bridge Venice

Near Plaza St Marco I saw Gelato vendor, I had to stop myself from buying any because of the €5/ scoop! The great thing about gelati that I know of you can buy 1 small one but have max 3 flavours, here not a chance. 😦

At around midday, when I needed something to eat, I looked around to find a simple salad mozzarela, prosccioto and pomodoro, best price at €12. I thought maybe if I go to a museum, it is cheaper, which is mostly the case so far in my travels. I went to Ca’ Pesaro Galleria internazionale D’arte Moderna e Museo D’arteOrientale, paid €10 to go in, checked out the cafe, the prices was even more. The museum was ok, the collection of Oriental Art is mostly Japanese weapon, and some Chinese weapon. The Modern art collection was ok too with a few Warhols.

Lion of St Mark Venice

Couldn’t seem to lose my peckishness, I thought maybe a latte and a croissant would be ok for me. I went in to the cafe, saw the price of latte €1.50, bargain. The waitress said, I will bring this to your table.I sat and had my coffee went up to pay, coffee suddenly cost €4.40. As someone who works for the arts and museums, I lost my fate in Venice, I thought if I can’t even trust the museums, what can I trust.

I began to dislike Venice, the abundance of sellers of fake cheap masks made in China, the sheer number of tourists, the gondoliers sitting around waiting for tourist to go on their boat for €80/person for 15 mins ride, the factory made gelati that cost €5, the poo ridden streets and many more.

Tourist at San Marco Venice

Gondolier Hunting for Customer Venice

I was ready to end my story on Venice there. But then I read this blog update, had a look at the pictures I took on the day, and thought, I get it, I get why people love Venice.

It is really pretty.

Venice canal in the sun

The grand old buildings, the water that shimmers and sparkles, reflecting the light to the canals, the numourous bridges, the hidden alleys, the funny boats, the discovered treasures. Venice has got a lot of character.

A little window in Venice Italy


Canal of Venice Italy

A little shop in Venice

Palazzo Ducale Venice

And oh, I found my €2.50 ice cream, in a tiny shop called Alaska,from this old man that has been making Gelati for a long time. I sat by the water ate my gelati, in the sun, afterwards I drew.

Coffee and Pistachio gelati

Alaska Gellateria and Carlo Pistacchi

Not only I found my gelati, and not got lost, I also found a piece of Indonesia on a 16th century globe.

Indonesia on a 16 century globe