Island Hopping in Venice

One day in Venice buy a 12-hour vaporetto (water bus)ticket to go island hopping. Go to Murano – Mazarbo – Burano – Treporti – Ponta Sabioni – Lido – back to main island. It is so much fun. If you have time go to Erasmo too, I didn’t and kind of wish I did.

Do it really early in the morning, around 8am, in the summer you can probably go earlier. To avoid the throngs of other tourists also you get beautiful light for your photographs. The ticket is €18 and you can download the map here.

First thing you can see the main Venice scape, from a distance, very pretty.

Piazza San Marco Venice -from water

Venice -from water

Then stop at Murano if you want for the infamous glass blowing area of Venice. For me after a brief stop at Murano, I went to Marzabo, to walk across to Burano.

Boat at Mazzorbo Island Venice

This was only 15 minutes walk, but you will be visiting Burano from a less touristy angle. You will see the houses first then later you will see the vendors. Here goes…Warning, there is plenty of colours.

Colourful houses on the edge of Burano island Venice

Colourful houses in Burano island Venice - 2

To sooth your eyes a bit a paler set of house colours.

Subtle colours of houses,Burano island Venice

More bright ones.Colourful houses in Burano island Venice

Houses in profile.

Pretty green house in Burano island Venice

Pretty pink house in Burano island Venice

Cute blue house in Burano island Venice

For Yuna of mylittleorangeworld
Cute orange house in Burano island Venice

Cute details of the houses.

Sunny-Burano island Venice


Best front door

Officially the coolest door in Burano Island Venice

coolest front door in Burano Island Venice

What do you think of Burano?

From Burano I took the vaporetto to Tripeti thinking I could walk from there to the other port of Ponta Sabioni. On the map the port was close to each other and had a direct route, plus I have 30 mins to spare. Nope, Not walkable, I can’t even take a bus. Felt dejected and was figuring out on how to get back, a smaller boat that came along at the vaporetto stop and the man shouted ” Ponta Sabioni”, I lept up and said ” si, grazie” pfiuuh. Turns out although not on the map there is a stopover link between the two ports.

After that I went to Lido, had Gelati and sat on the sandy beach. I think Lido might be the best place in Venice to get homemade gelati/ice cream, as on the promenade towards the beach there was around 4 – 5 Gelateria.

ice cream at Lido island Venice
I really need to get better at taking ice cream pictures. It is hard when you are doing it by yourself. Anyone has any tips to do this without ruinning one’s big lense?

Lido is the place where they hold Venice film festival.

From Lido I went back to main island to visit the Peggy Gugenheim museum.