Verona – Italy

One and half an hour away from Venice, I found Verona a relief. I thought ” pfiuuh I am back in the real Italy”

Verona is famous for being the backdrop of Romeo and Juliet, a tragedy by Shakespeare. Weirdly enough the fact that Shakespeare never left England, and never set foot in Verona, does not deter tourist nor the city itself to make use of the story.

I arrived around 10am, which is apparently early enough to avoid most other tourist. I got to walk the lovely main street, took pictures at the beautiful piazza erbe, in peace.

madonna piazza delle erbe

fountain at Piazza Erbe

An old man reading newspaper in Verona

I arrived at Juliet’s house, an open courtyard, where you can see the statue of Juliet under a fig tree, right in front of you. Full of people taking turns to cup her statuesque breast, believed to be bringing them good fortune.

On your right you can see the balcony where in the story she does her contemplating, uttering words like “O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?” ” What’s in a name?”. A tiny balcony.

Behind Juliet there are hundreds of padlocks hung on a gate, around them on the wall, curiously, hardened chewing gums?

padlocks and gums at juliets house Verona

Juliet's postbox verona

To access the balcony you have to go to the museum. A few couple posed and had their pictures taken on the balcony. Maybe I am a cynic, but I really don’t understand the whole notion of linking your love to the story of romeo and juliet. It is a tragedy, they both died. The lesson people should learn from it is be a bit patient, don’t do anything too hastly. If Romeo just waited and think for a bit, he didn’t have to kill himself. Am I missing a big part of this Shakespeare’s tragedy?

Here are some parts of the town.

Flag of Regio Veneto

Santa Maria Antica Verona
Weirdly in Verona, people seems to think I am Italian, as people kept coming up to me asking for direction or simply just start to talking to me in Italian. Hahahaha..I had a 15 minutes conversation with this lady, her in Italian and me in English, she asked what I was drawing, where am i staying, etc etc.

Fresco building front Verona

bejewelled fresco verona

Then I also got to eat a cicchetti lunch, which is a Venetian Tapas, finger food, this is what a lot of blogs suggest to have in Venice to have affordable meal. It was definitely affordable here, a glass of prosecco, 4 cicchetti and a meatball, only for €7. A nice place just behind Piazza Erbe.

Caffe Monte Baldo Verona

Verona is nice, I think I would stay there next time or visit someday when I visit Lake Garda. Plus it has lots of homemade Gelati too! Here are some blurred pictures.
gelatti 2 verona

Ice cream 1 verona