Tea for an Indonesian

I love tea in general, as an Indonesian I grew up drinking tea. Tea in Indonesian is Teh (Téhh). At home I would have drank black tea no sugar, hot water with just a dash of cold water. Not too hot, but still warm enough to soothe you. Just right.

Everytime my mum comes home from the office. I would make her a cup of tea, hot water with a dash of cold water. Just right.

When I feel slightly sick, a cup of black tea, will always helps soothe it. When I feel cold, hot tea is also the answer.

If I visited a relative or neighbours they always serve tea with sugar call Teh Manis. Sometimes accompanied by Marie Regal Biscuits, in England this is similar to, rich tea biscuit, to dunk in the tea.


On a really hot day walking back from school, I would stop at a warung, a convenient little shop in people’s houses selling all sorts, to buy es teh. Es teh is basically is sweet tea frozen in a plastic bag, you eat it by biting the end of the plastic bag, and drink the solid ice tea block, almost like ice lolly. It was Rp. 25 when I was in primary school. I am not sure whether they still sell this or not and how much would they cost now.

At junior highschool (13yrs+) I start buying cold Teh Kotak (Co-taa-q ; boxed tea) or Teh Botol ( prncd: Boat-oal; bottled tea). These mass produced tea was solely produced by Sosro. Now I think they are owned by Coca cola. Anyway, you can still buy teh kotak and teh botol, now, I think this is a must have if you ever visit Indonesia. A lot of us lived by this beverage.

I think flavoured tea started when I was in senior years of my highschool, 16-17yrs, it started with lemon tea and peach tea etc, all cold. But Teh botol kept on being the number one type of cold bottled tea Indonesia prefer to drink. Of course you can order usual teh manis in most eating estblishment, if you want to, you tend to get sweet tea anyway if you ask for tea, unless you tell them otherwise.

Where am I going with this? Well, I have been thinking about tea, I want to discuss more about tea in the future, I thought I should give you a kind of of a background my , and perhaps other Indonesian’s relationship with tea. Apologies for the lame attempt on ‘the pronounciations of Indonesian word.

My fellow Indonesian, did you have the similar experience or connection with tea? or is it completely different?

By the way what do think of my tea cup and batik parang illustration?