White Tea | Teh putih

Happy Sunday! Let’s drink white tea. White tea apparently have more antioxidant then black or even green tea with less cafeine in it. The one I tried this time is white tea from Serambi Botani.

Serambi Botani is a shop of the Bogor agricultural University. In their shop they sell local agricultural products, from tea, to rice, from soap to air freshener. Most of which are organic products. My uncle swears on their lemongrass soap.

Silver needle tea botani

Anyway, back to the tea. The tea is made of very young leaves of camelia sinesis ( which is the tea plant). It is still slightly furry called “silver needle”.
The tea came in a bag, on the back of the bag there is a bit of explanation what white tea is, there is also a bit about what they thought drinking the tea would help your body with. The last part explains how to brew and serve the tea. I thought these explanation were good. The packaging design is rather basic, but ok.

White Tea leaves daun Teh Putih

Now the tea, as suggested by the packet, I poured hot water, not boiling hot, but a minute after. Waited an extra 2 minutes for it to brew, the colour of the water hardly changed, apparently this is how it supposed to be.

It taste of hot water.

The verdict:

tasteless, but if it does gives me a high antioxidant and it is good for me, I will drink the rest of the pack. But it would not be my choice of tea.

brewing white tea