Harry Potter Studio, Leavesden, England

They welcome you first to the great hall.

Great Hall Hogwarts Harry Potter

Before you continue. Have a listen at this song at the same time.

Then they open their common rooms and the room, Hagrids house, the dungeon. Showing and telling all the unique props they use, they care they put on every single object, the detail they put in just amazing.

Like Harry’s set of clothing that keeps getting worse and worse.


So many cool things, let me just show you some of my favourite parts.

Take a look at this Gringot’s lock

The locks to Gringot

You will then obviously get to see the headmaster’s office where the pictures are drawn one by one featuring the previous headmasters.

Dumbledores Office

Dumbledores Desk

Look at these details on the printed materials, made me want buy all of them. Really wanted to di the O.w.l test.

Skiving snackbox

Dark art defence basics for beginners book

Owl examinations year 5 test paper

The will!!


My favourite part of the visit is Diagon Alley. So coool! So I thought I’d have an extra update on Diagon Alley.

There was an outside part where you can see the knightbus, Privet Drive, Potters house, Hagrid’s motorbike and buy butterbeer.


You then get to see all the animatronics, masks, costumes, drawings and models of each details in the film.




Then you get to see the giant size model of hogwarts and its grounds! Amazing.

Hogwarts towers

The little door at Hogwarts

At the end before you reach the shop and found you can buy a marrauders map for £30. You get to see the inside of Olivander’s shop.



Some boxes have names on them. I spent a long time to try to find my namesake on the boxes.

This is place where they make the magic of Harry Potter alive. Where the cast of the film grew up. It was worth the £33 and around 3 hours I spent in there. I took so many pictures with a lot of cool details, that it was so hard to choose which one to put up on this update. If you think you want so see other parts like Hagrid’s house, the dungeon etc,do let me know. I will also try to put up some more on my pinterest.

Tip: Charge up your camera and if you your memory card is not empty, bring an extra one. It is a proper gold mine for Potter film fans.

To go you need to book in advanced if you go with a child they will get this cool book I was really jealous of those.