Diagon Alley

Go into Leaky Cauldron, at the back of the pub, counting three up and two across, knock the brick three times.

diagon alley

Owls, I know it is probably easier to travel with but I always thought that Hedwig’s cage is too small.


eeylops owl emporium

I am not sure what this shop at the start, but love that the door is covered with these magnifying glass.

Wiseacre Wizarding Equiptment window shop display

Weirdly this part of the window interest me more than the Nimbus 2000, I think because I am amaze of the amount of detail that they put in it.

Broomcare wax at Quality Quidditch Supplies

Olivander’sof course, top window is full of wand boxes.


Don’t you think Cauldron is such a good word to say? Cauldron…


This is my favourite shop front I think because of the cool typeface.

Madam Malkins

Maybe one day I should do a tour of HP world. I think I have actually been to a few of the places, Oxford, Borough Market, Durham Cathedral and of course the platform 3/4. What do you think? 🙂