Sunday Conversation – on the subject of my origin

Sometimes people say ‘how was your holiday home to Malaysia?’ Despite the fact that I told them where I am from and constantly mentioning it. I think people in England are more likely to know about Malaysia just because of the connection they had with Malaysia, which used to be a part of the kingdom and now they are a part of the commonwealth.

Which is fine, I get it that A. I could look like a Malaysian, B. that the two country are closed together, C. Both countries have SIA at the end of the title D. we probably share a similar cultural background.

Anyway here is how the conversation went:

A colleague and a friend (C) said: “Andine you might want to tell more people where you’re from”
Me- unsure of where he is going with the statement: “Why? ”
C:” It’s just that someone thought you came from Slovenia.”
M:” What? SLOVENIA? me? are you sure they meant me?”
C: ” Well they thought you came from somewhere in Eastern Europe?”
M:” Who are they?”
C: “This person that have known you the last 3 years?
Me – just really gobsmacked: ” But why? I don’t look anything or the slightest like Eastern European, my hair and my skin is dark, and I have low tolerance to cold weather.. I am no where near an Eastern European…”
C: ” I don’t know…”
M: ” I mean if they thought I was Italian, Spanish or somewhere from the mediterranean, I can kind of understand.. but Eastern european????”

I am extremely dissapointed that I am so morpheus that my origins are lost. Right! I am making a T-shirt to say I came from a mythical country called Indonesia, in the far east.