Pick Me Up – Somerset House

If there is one exhibition in a year that I would recommend to people who loves illustration to go it’s Pick Me Up. It always promises a feast to the eyes, with cool illustrations from selected illustrators.

Here are works that I saw and love. Maybe you can see a pattern.

Lynnie Zulu - wall in Pick Me Up

Work by Lynnie Zulu, her work has African influence in it. Love the striking colours and characters, these are print works but looks like a collage. More of her work here.


Lynnie Zulu Work1


The next set of work are quite childlike, but I absolutely love it. They are just so fun!

One Trick Pony by Billy

iT will all come out in the wash by billy

Billy ( Alex Godwin) paints on the streets and his studio. Her work are soo cool! Check out the all her mural and her other work on her blog.

Penguin Trophy by Billy

The next set of work is by Isabel Greenberg, I love the bold lines, and how they are based on folklore or made to a folklore like stories, with Gods and animal totems.

Isabel Greenberg framed 2d paper cut out

Isabel Greenberg painted matryoshka

These colourful set of print drew my attention because if you look closely there are little people in it doing randomn things.

Jack Hudson Handpulled 60s Print

Jack Hudson Wall in Pick Me Up exhibition

On the second floor of the exhibition is where the collectives of artists are displaying and selling their work.

Pick Me up Collectives

This is a very fun floor where the collectives have themes to attract audience, or have an activity you can participate in. Like these:

A different Punch and Judy

Make a tropical sign at Pick Me Up

Artomatic a photobooth with a mystery artist

A collective are usually a group of artist that shares a similar style of work, or theme, or more likely use similar equiptment usually printing gear.

There were also agencies with a selective portfolio artist on the next level, this was when I found Gemma Correll’s work a few years back. This year she also run a session at Pick Me Up, but it was on a day I could not make.

At the end before the shop, you can join in draw a concept of a sculpture and make it from art waste.
Drawing and making sculpture

What do you think? Have you got an illustration exhibition similar to this near you? Let me know 🙂

Next update would be the things I couldn’t help to buy at the exhibition.