Pick-Me-Up exhibition haul

What I actually want to buy was this print by Lucie Sheridan from the Brighton based creative shop, Unlimited Shop, at Pick Me Up. But I don’t think I am ready financially to spend £75 on a piece of artwork, I did stand there for 15 minutes trying to justify buying the print, could I do it as a birthday present? could I say to myself I don’t buy expensive bags so its ok to spend money on this? Etc etc. But I think I am actually not emotionally ready yet..

Ship Shape by Lucie Sheridan Illustration of ships

Anyway here are the things I end up buying.

Several screen printed card from SORT design collectives.


Screenprinted cards from Sort design

Loop Magazine, which is a magazine for children, only for those who likes to think and make. 🙂

Loop Magazine for children

The illustration is good, but not varied enough for my liking. The articles are fun, it has got lots of fun quizes, even the front cover is a part of a quiz, weirdly as magazine it does not have an over arching theme. I know I am not actually their target market, a kid, I think Anorak is a lot better magazine. I would buy it again in the future just to see how it moves a long.
inside loop magazine1

Inside Loop magazine 2

A Hilda comic book by Luke Pearson, I will do an extra update for this, I want to give it more attention. This is my second Hilda series, I really love it.

Selection of printed

A comic book by Isabel Greenberg, who is one of the Pick-Me -Up select. I picked it up because it is  Snow Queen based on Hans Christian Andersen story, the other story is the Emperor’s new robe.

inside the snow queen comic bool by isabel greenberg

My Favourite

This ‘Creature’ brooch from Catherine McGinnis, the artist was there when I bought it and she was really nice she said ” Do you like my creatures? these brooch are printed using screenprinting on recycled fabric.”
creature brooch by Catherine Mcginnis


Don’t you think it looks a bit like a tiny griffin?

Have you ever bought an art print? What made you buy them? Where did  you display them?