The quest for the best ice cream in London

9 am on a very sunny sunday, I decided to start my quest, at 11 am I am eating a cup of adhoc ice cream, found at the first 10 minutes walking towards the destination.

Amarino – Gelato al Natural

My first cup contains: Cafe and Amarena (Cherry) from Amarino – Gelato al Natural. I have had this gelati first in Milan, I didn’t realise it is a global chain until I found it in Covent Garden. Beside it being a global chain, the ice cream is good. My friend had bitter chocolate, tiramisu and cafe, because I insisted that the Indonesian tradition of sharing food is brilliant, he relent and let me try his, the bitter chocolate is really good. Including the ones I have before I think my favourite of theirs would be the yogurth and Leche (milk).

Amorino - ice cream london

Amarino is in 41 Old Compton St, Covent Garden. Opens everyday at 11am. A small cup is £2.80, m:£3, L:£4. You can have 3 flavours in a small cup. The verdict: very horrible horrible ok yummy very yummy


Maybe I need to explain where I deduce that the place I was heading to is the Best Ice Cream in London. Or do I? When obviously I googled it, Time Out, Londonist, Metro, CondeNast, and Elle, all mentioned Gelupo.

On the way to and from Gelupo though I happen upon 2 other places that was mentioned in some of these articles, so I figure I best try other ones to be able to confirm that Gelupo is the best Ice Cream place right?

15 minutes from Amorino, we found Gelupo on a side road. It was very quiet, I expected to be really full of people considering it is the hottest day in the UK so far, and I mean, it is suppose to be the best right? The place looks really pretty, painted light blue with bright coloured chairs in the front.

Sign at Gelupo Ice Cream London

There was a man who just finished his Ice cream and said to the lady behind the counter “the pea one is really nice by the way”. Pea? yes they had garden pea tasting ice cream. I was about to order that when I saw the list, they had so many unique flavours, so I chose Rose, bitter chocolate and safron.


Gelupo Gelateria Soho London


The verdict: very horrible horrible ok yummy very yummy. The ice cream were nice, taste more homemade than the other one. I am not sure about the safron flavour, love the rose and adore the bitter chocolate. The cup was smaller than Amorino, small cup only 2 flavours is £3, 3 flavours in medium cup is £4, large is £5 I am not sure how many flavours is that.



Gelupo, 7 archers street, W1D 7AU, Soho.


La Gelatiera

Another 10 minutes walk towards the leicester square, we happen upon La Gelatiera. I insisted to stop when my friend said “You are kidding me? How can you fit that much Ice cream in you? Surely you are full by now” I said ” No, ice cream is only like drinking milk, I think I can drink 2 pints (1.14 litre) of milk as a standard.” Eventhough he sighed and rolled his eyes, he sat and wait until I finished my Rum and Raisin, and Honey, Rosemary and orange peel flavours.

La Gelatiera london

The rum and raisin is pretty bland, not strong enough for me, the Honey, Rosemary and Orange peel flavour was really good. However because here the rosemary is used a lot to cook roast lamb. it has that weird after taste of just having had a lamb dinner. hihihihihi. They offer loads more flavours and also they offer vegan (don’t contain any animal product) ones in the form of sorbet.

La Gelatiera - ice cream covent garden london

The verdict: very horrible horrible ok yummy very yummy. 27 New Row, Covent Garden, London WC2N 4LA

As any other research I have to recognise bias, the bias on this might have to be addressed by doing some more research. The bias is that I had different flavours of ice cream from each shop, when really I need to taste the similar flavour for example have chocolate in all three. This quest is yet to end…more ice cream eating in the next few months.

Do you know the best ice cream place near you? let me know, so I can visit.Teehee.