Hepworth Wakefield Gallery – Yorkshire Sculpture tour part 2

Happy Sunday from Bucharest!


From Yorkshire sculpture park, I took the same bus back to Wakefield which drops me right outside The Hepworth Wakefield Gallery. The UK have two major museums where you can see the work of ‘one of a few women modern artist to achieve international prominence’, Barbara Hepworth.

The one that most people would know more about is the Barbara Hepworth museum and sculpture garden which is heavily linked to Tate st Ives, part of the Tate. The second one is in the Hepworth Wakefield Gallery.

North Yorkshire is where she grew up and St Ives is where she had her gallery in her later life.

I love her work, because they very clean cut, yet fluid. If that make sense? Anyway, this free to enter gallery is a great place to visit.

six forms barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth work

Winged Figure by Barbara Hepworth

Beside works from Hepworth, they have works from Moore and other sculpture and artists. Here are some of my favourites.

Moore Reclining Figure

large frog Eduardo Paollozi

When I was there was also an amazing photographic exhibition, the works of Philip-Lorca diCorcia. They are beautifully perfect constructed photographs displaying absurdly day-to-day activity portrait.I am not sure if that description make sense but the only way I can explain it.

The Hepworth Wakefield gallery building it self is art, the brilliant architecture has won several different awards. The gallery has a good cafe & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip-Lorca_diCorcia. For those with children, I thoroughly recommend this, beside the sculptures being magnificent, the gallery offer this cool museum trail that they can follow.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park part 1

Note to self:

Writing about Yorkshire when in Romania feels slightly weird. Remember to always check SD card in camera, forgetting may mean spending the day without being able to take pictures.Eurgh!