Coconut Water – Air Kelapa

Lunch time and I am drinking coconut water. Last year I have seen a growth of these sold in the supermarkets here. It started out to be sold only in healthy food shops, then in fancy take away restaurants in London, then in high end supermarket, now it is sold everywhere and in most supermarkets.


First I thought, ah it must taste like those so called ‘mango juice’ or ‘lychee’ juice, that taste nothing like actual mango juice, they are basically made from syrup or concentrated liquid. I also thought it is just one of those gimmicky trend that people soon will forget about. Plus in the beginning a box of these Coconut Water are really expensive, when in Indonesia it is really the same price as any drink, so I never thought to buying it.

But it looks like it is staying, and is getting more and more reasonably priced. So one day I tried, when I discovered that it is actually coconut water, I was elated. I can now drink Air Kelapa more often. I am happy. Also apparently they say the reason why people are buying them more is because it is really healthy. It contains vitamins B and potassium, electrolytes, enzymes, and amino acids plus it is low in calories.

Never knew that, despite the fact I always wondered why in Indonesia we didn’t grew up drinking Gatorade, Pocari Sweat or other liquid replacement we never needed electrolytes when we sweat so much. By the way, this is not to say that in Indonesia we didn’t have those readily available, we did, but never really a replacement for juices, air kelapa or cold tea.


The drink made me feel very nostalgic, but I thought maybe I have forgotten what they taste like, maybe they don’t actually taste like that. Obviously in Indonesia it comes directly from a coconut, and sometimes serves in the coconut shell itself. Having coconut water more readily available made me think of the endless of possibilities of all the lovely Indonesian summery drinks I can make. Yumm.

Have you had any coconut water lately? Have you had these boxed one? What do you think about it?