40 hours in Bucharest – Romania

A mini weekend, flew Friday night arrived at 3am Saturday morning. Woke up at 9am for breakfast, at 10 I was out. Tired but excited as the sun decided to shine that day. I went to the National village museum, which is situated in the nearby park (from the hotel: Crowne Plaza Bucharest). The park is great, it has got boats and pedalos, interesting paths and plants.

The museum was interesting (Tickets: 10 LEI = €2 /£1.8), it had traditional houses, churches, barns, mills things that makes up a village from everywhere in Romania. (Indonesian reference: a bit like TMII). The weird thing is that they have several similarity to some Indonesian houses, with straw roof, mud floor & modest content. When I whip out my camera to take pictures of these houses, I realised that I forgot to put the SD card back in it.D’oh! #epicfail

A day without camera, seems weird, still really enjoyed it. After spending an hour in the museum I walked to the edge of the park to take the hop-on-hop-of bus. Whilst waiting I had ice cream in the small park cafe.

Boulevard Bucharest

Bucharest was known as little Paris with its very own L’Arc de Triomphe. I was hoping by being on a double decker bus I can see the monument better, no such luck, Hmmmpfh, it was under renovation and covered by scaffoldings. Och well. The road to town was really lush green, with houses and trees on either side,I suppose it is more a boulevard than a street really. The houses are cool, they are a combination of art nouveau and medieval ecclesiastica (aka those houses you can imagine vampires living in it).

building features architecture

As we head towards old town we encounter a protest on the road that creates a massive traffic jam. After spending 2 hours on the bus I decided to walk back to the front of the National Museum of art. Where there is a collection of marquees which seems to be selling food. The food was nice and really cheap, I ate and drink till I am full for €2, with the local, their chips/french fries were good.

Then I had to go to the National Art Museum which was just in front. The building is amazing inside, entry was 15lei=€3 combined with the Gallery of European Art. As I say it is worth it just to see the inside of the building, but otherwise the collection is pretty dull.

Day two, got my sd card in the camera. I hopped on the bus with the 24 hrs ticket, and went to Old town Bucharest. There are some pretty building here, but most parts of the town is full of touristy restaurants and on that hot day it really stinks. Eurgh. I skipped that part and whizz around to see the pretty buildings. Here are some pictures.

Buildings in Bucharest

george enescu museum bucharest

It was 4pm when I realised the time and I still had time to waste, I went to the only museum open the. natural history museum. It was a good and modern museum despite the fact that it is full of taxidermy. The interpretation was all in 2 languages Romanian and English. Would highly recommend if you are travelling with children.

fountains boulevard bucharest

Gates of Stavropoleos Church bucharest
For the 40 hours I was there I conclude that Bucharest is my favourite capital city in the Eastern European region so far, it is pretty, the food is good and cheap, and the people are nicer. (A lady helped me on the bus towards the airport to validate my tickets)