A few things

I thought I share a few things with you. Some things that made me sad and a few things that made me glad.

Sad things:

1. War and disasters: honestly don’t you think we (the world) have had a lot of this lately? I really don’t understand war, we are in the 21st century, there are other ways to solve problems. Sorry I am just being simple.

2. I have been absent because I lost my dad about 3 weeks ago. I spent a though 2 weeks in Indonesia. The first time I had to be an adult and sort papers out, had to go through unbelievable amount of beaurocracy which wasn’t helping me to grieve and I encountered so many cultural things that shocked me.

Happy things:

1. France: After 2 weeks in Indonesia I went to France which was nice, I shall tell you about more on my future posts.


2. Indonesia’s new hope: As I am sure everyone know we have a new leader of the country, which we all hope to really fullfill his promise for a better Indonesia.

3. Postcards: you might read this before but I love to send postcards, specially to distant places, you never know whether it will get there or not. But my friend Yuna, just featured the postcards I have sent her. Have look at her blog. It cheers me up to know that it got there and she likes it. Thank you Yuna.


4. LivingLoving have just kindly featured one of my writing. I am sure you have read the blog before, if you have not, go and feast your eyes. It’s a really pretty and cool lifestyle blog by 2 talented Indonesian ladies. You can start with my contribution.


5. As suggested by the successful travel writer Fe, from cerita4musim, I started my Instagram account. This will hopefully give a bit more of a candid picture of my adventures. Thank you Fe for the suggestion. So do follow me and if you can share your instagram handle so I can follow you too. @indonesiainmypocket. Bear with me though, as I just started.


Have you got anything that makes you happy lately? Let me know what they are. 😉