Biaritz, Bastille day and Bayonne – France

One week in France with a day trip to Bilbao was the perfect getaway after 2 weeks of problems in Indonesia.

We took my car on the ferry from Weymouth via Guernsey and transit at Jersey. This is the first time I did this. It was fun, it took around 4 hours in real time, 6 hours including time difference and transit.

Illustrated map of French trip 2014


Arriving at St Malo, drove straight to Nantes for a rest. Next day we drove to a cottage or as the French call it a Gรฎte near Biaritz. Some my friends arrived the day before, so they already bought some food and was swimming in the pool.
The place was in the middle of nowhere. Was bliss.


House in Aquitaine France

swimming pool aquitaine france



We choose the place because one of my friends surfs, so this coast of France is pretty common for surfers, with the atlantic ocean and plenty of wind. It is so windy that the tall trees are tilting to land side. They have huge, clean, gold sandy beaches with parts of protective sand dunes.

Bastille day

I have been so many times in France but never on Bastille day in Rural France. For those who doesn’t know, Bastille day is one of the most important day in France. Which is comemmerating the start of French Revolution, and the unity of French people. More here

In this tiny town of Leon, they celebrate for 3 days of parties, market & stage performances. on the first night we participated they had a brass band, and everyone was sitting a big marque/tent eating dinner made by the villagers. My friend said that it looks like prison dinner. I thought it was exciting! Really felt that I was participating in a big party. A modern day Asterix village party.Teehee.

Some pictures on the food and atmosphere.



On the actual Bastille day night we went to the beach with thousands of people to watch the firework display. I find it funny that fireworks seems to be a universal way of celebrating things. Isn’t it?


I must admit this is my second time to this part of France, and the reason why I wanted to go to Bayonne was: CAKE.

Now in France I am sure you know that there is no problems for one to find a Boulangerie, a bread shop. It is simply everywhere. Each tiny village would have it, it is simply a staple. In those Boulanger you can also usually find eclairs and some other cakes with quite good standard.
However, a good pattisserie you can only (from my experience) find in medium to big cities. I found one last time I was in Bayonne, near the market, called Pattesserie Lionel Raux. This time I found a different one which I found had equally good cakes from.

Theirry Bamas Patiserie near the church, Rue D’espagne. According to their website they have branches in Biaritz and Anglet.

They were all really good, if I had to choose again the strawberry with pistachio is devine. It was appropriately melting in the mouth good with a bit of a crunch and freshness of the strawberry.

Have you had a holiday where you didn’t do much sight seeing, just sat, swim, read, eat, drink and talk? Have you had any good pattisserie cakes lately? Where from? I am really interested.

Next Bilbao and Guggenheim.