This Blog is 2 years old – Thank you note & giveaway

It has officially been 2 years. I honestly find this surprising, that my blog has lasted so long! I think what kept me going is the readers that have become my online compatriates. Who kept commenting and liking my post.

Having this blog has helped me to have more focus in my leisure time. It made me more active in trying to find discussions subject, travelling destination and take (hopefully) better pictures. Best of all it helped me practice my writing

This is my 150th posts, the blog had more than 15,000 views & 200 followers, 2 blog community awards, learned a lot and received plenty of support from everyone. And so far I have had brilliant fun.

Thank you badge

photonote:Badge from M&S

Thank You Note

I want to send a special thank you note to the following inspirational and supportive bloggers (by interacting with me)

  • Mba Lorraine – for sharing her wealth of knowledge
  • Fe – for always providing fun comment and read
  • Saxsilverain – for reading, for sharing the fun outfit she makes and for being the only one who comment on the subject that I was a bit affraid to write
  • Noni – for teaching me what a fun read is
  • Saira – for loving Indonesia like I do, and amazingly think my blog is aspirational
  • Si koper biru – for having the same thoughts as I do but managed to share it more eloquently
  • Mba Ayu – who introduced & gave me my first community blog award
  • Nike – for letting me contribute on Living&
  • Dusty Sneakers duo – for being my aspiration on dreamy writing and photos
  • And last but not least Yuna for being eternally kind and supportive.

If you don’t mind sending your addresses to my email which is indonesiainmypocket[at]gmail[dot]com, you will received the note through real live post. 🙂 No pressure if you don’t want to.


Now, for those of you who read my blog and/or follow me on instagram, (including those I mentioned above) I have also got the following giveaways. They are from my favourite shops here, in the UK + one from Greece:

  1. a tin of chocolate coins from M&S and a pack of playing cards shaped like a watermelon from Paperchase
  2. A Caroline Gardner pocket blank note book and rub-outable purple pen from MUJI
  3. 2 triangular designed bracelets from Accessorize
  4. A pack of 8 invitation cards from Emma Bridgewater and a rub-outable blue pen from MUJI
  5. A note book from made in local design in Greece with quotes from greek philosophers and a red rub-outable pen from MUJI.

2 years old celebratory giveaways

What do you need to do?

For a chance to win these, post a minimum of one photograph and write a maximum of 150 words, telling me about a time when you had the most fun in the last 2 years and why.

What else?

1. This can be written in either English or Bahasa Indonesia
2. Post it on both your blog and instagram, only if you have not got one or the other then it is ok to do just in one of them.
3. a. On the blog you need to tell the reader why you are doing it with a link to this post
b. On instagram then you need to include #pocketindonesia and refer to my instagram account and tag 3 of your friends
4. Share it in your other social networks

How would I choose?

I will choose based on easeness to read, fun photograph and story. If everyone is equally fun, then I will have to pick your name out of a hat. Teehee.

Remember 150 words is the maximum not minimum, so keep it punchy.

When is the deadline?

You have got 1 month to submit. Between 19 August 2014 and Friday, 19 September midnight GMT + 1:00 (BST) or Saturday, 20 September 2014 at 6 am WIB.
It will be announced on 23 September 2014.

Thank you all and good luck.