Hoxton & Shoreditch Area – London

Ok, maybe it would be better for me to  be able to say “oh, yeah, of course I know london, hohohoh” with an air of arrogance indiference, and a smirk. But, I have to admit, I don’t at all. I kept discovering things in this city, continously saying “Is that new? Have I seen that before? where do I go now?”

But I love this, I love not knowing and discovering new things, plus even if I already seen some places I might forget anyway. This time I discovered bits of Shoreditch that I have not seen before.

Shoreditch is an area of East London, I would say this is where the creative and cool peoplw,or some might refer to them hipsters, in London congregate. It is near Bricklane, Full of industrial and backstagy kind of cafés and pubs,and MURALs or as they call it here Street Art.

These ones are apparently by Thierry Noir, the guy who said that he is the first to have painted on Berlin wall.


Three man head mural london


Dinosaur or chicken mural

These ones has earthly theme

Green earth man mural london

Earth girl with flower and showers in hand mural london

fat wasp mural shoreditch london


These ones are Typographical street art

Old London typographic mural london

extortionists type mural london

the power of girl london

Protagonist typeface mural east london


Then I found this house. Isn’t it cute?

Coolest house ever

House with labrador in front

Finally my favourite on this series of find is this mural.

House mural geometric

What do you think of these? I have you seen any street art you like lately?
Maybe a bigger question, do you agree to street art or graffity?