Fun Moment the last two year

When I set up the giveaway a couple of weeks ago maybe I didn’t really thought it through. That it might be really difficult to describe the most fun moment you had in the last 2 years. I realise that after trying to do it, because one do gets excited when telling a fun moment, you would want to remember every detail.

So I gave it a go, I got less than 150 words.

As you can see I had a lot of fun the last two years but, if I had to choose, the most fun I had in the last 2 years.

Was travelling to Korea en-Seoul (by myself, see the word play?).

Korea had that funny thing then, that it is totally foreign for me, which makes it most exciting.

Korean Gallery

It was the most colourful journey I had, you know how I love colours. People were all so nice, the food was brilliant. In every nooks and crannies I found interesting and fascinating things.The strong Korean traditional culture mixed with modern is great. Obviously they were not lacking of great arts and design. Plus my travel card was in the shape of TOTORO. Only my four-years-ago Japan trip could beat this one.


So tell me what was your most fun moment.;)

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