Bratislava in the rain

This trip actually made me question how much weather make or break your holiday, and it is something you don’t have any control or can change.

For those who have been reading this blog you might know I have been to few other Eastern European Country this year, and I have enjoyed all of them, even Warsaw in the cold. I really do think this time the non-stopping 2 days rain was not helpful, I am not even exagerating in terms of the non-stop it really did not stop even for a breather.

Bratislava was really quiet for a capital city, maybe because I arrived on a Sunday and on the Monday it is their national holiday, Constitution day. But it was pretty low on activities on the next two days. I was quite surprise though there seems to be no celebration for a pretty big day unlike the Indonesian or the USA Independence day. Maybe it is just not like that.

As it was pretty miserable weather, I didn’t get a chance to see a lot and everything seems to be closed, during the time I was there.

So I saw the famous Blue Church, or Smurf Church, which is rather cute.


I then went to the Bratislava UFO, that was quite good. Had to go on the side of a traffic bridge but it was sheltered from the rain. The trip up is €6.50, you pay at the top. At the top there is a snazzy restaurant and a viewing deck.
Here is the view, which I am sure will look a lot better in the sun.

Bratislava from UFO

The next day I forced myself to go to the castle, it was closed and the view is really grim, that I could not get a good enough shot.

A street found walking down from the castle.

The old town centre with the city museum.


I love the roofs.




By the way some of this pictures of the city museum I took on the flying-back-day when it decided to be sunny. 😥

The famous statues of Bratislava.



I did go to Nedbalka Gallery, the MOMA of Bratislava apparently. This is due to the architecture of the building that is a like to the more famous gallery. The collection inside was of Slovakian painters. What was great about my visit was because I came on the first Tuesday, the free entry.

Note: Some of the galleries opens only after 1pm, closed on Mondays.

The difference I felt on this trip compared to the other Eastern European is there are more people who spoke brilliant English, saying that, their customer service has a lot left to be desired. Another difference is I encountered beggars, quite pushy ones.

The best thing from the trip is the food and the cafes. I will do a separate update on that.

So all and all it is an alright visit but maybe because I was not in the greatest mood being wet and cold all the time.

How about you? does weather effect your travels?