Slovakian Food – Bratislava

The great thing about the rain, was that I get to sit in cafes and restaurants and eat and drink.

One thing that Bratislava is not in shortage of is Cafes. They are everywhere, which is brilliant because I love my coffee and cakes. Plus most of them have free wifi with no password.

Foxford Cafe

I went to 2 of these when I was there. One above a bookstore Martinus, which on Obchodná road. This was one of the coolest cafe I have been. I think the theme must be books, tables that looks like a square moleskin, ceiling of books, pencil shaped table feet, lampshade made out of book pages, font drawer on the wall, etc. Plus it had Eames chairs and a swing chair. 

Cafe foxford book ceiling bratislavA

Cafe foxford book ceiling bratislavA

The coffee was good and strong I had cafe latte, and Blueberry cheese banofee cake, the cake was slightly sweet but ok.

cheesecake foxford bratislava

Laté Bratislava

The other one is in the old town, the theme of which was cooking. It was selling a collection of cooking and recipe books at the front, the lampshade were made out of colanders, some were made out of giant forks etc etc.

colander lampshade
There I had their Matcha Late and Plum Cheesecake, the late was good, I am not so sure about the cheesecake, it was too sour for me.

Macha latte and plum cheesecake

They had the weirdest menu though, the design is cool but I am not sure it serves its purpose as a menu. See for yourself. You can see the prices as well.

image this menu image is from Foxford facebook pages.

Both cafe were cosy, and simply cool.

UFO Bar and Restaurant

This is on top of the Bratislava UFO, it had an amazing view. I arrived at lunch time, after paying 6.50 Euro to go up the lift. I think it is suppose to be a fancy restaurant. The price for the soup I had was 12 Euro, now I would not usually pay that much for soup, it was not however out of my price range, and I am on holiday, so I gave it a try. The soup was tomato and coconut soup serve on rice crackers. It was different but not that special.

Tomato and Coconut soup Bratislava UFo

Bratislavsky Mestiansky Pivovar

This is where I ate twice in. I don’t usually do that. But the price is so reasonable, food was good, service was fast and friendly enough, plus it is right beside my hotel and it is raining. It is on Drevena street.

The Goulash is soo GOOD, with slices of pillow like white bread, I tried this with the local Cola which Kofola. Kofola has more of clove taste in it than Coca Cola or Curiousity Cola. On another night I had grilled chicken with rice, which was really good too. The rice funnily enough taste of Indonesian food of Nasi gurih. Yumm!!

If you are a fan of beer this is also a good place to go because they are a local beer brewery.

Kofola - Slovakian Cola

Goulash Slovakian Bratislava

Schokocafe Maxillian

Got in to this cafe because of necessity, would not go in otherwise, it looks like a tourist trap. Apparently one of the oldest coffee shop in Bratislava, located in the centre of town outside the city museum.

They serve chocolate drink, thick ones, it was alright but nothing compared to the one I had in Brussels naturally. I tried a traditional Slovakian honey cake, Medovnik, this was quite nice, sticky but crumbly.

Medovnik honey cake slovakia

Hot chocolate from maximillian cafe bratislava