Donna Wilson – an Inspiration

If you have been following my instagram you would know that I have been going to the London Design Festival, it was great by the way. Donna Wilson’s pop-up shop as part of this, was one of the things that made me very excited. I have seen her works in different stockist/shops but to see it at one shop full of her stuff was brilliant.

Donna Wilson, draws and create knitted version of her creatures. Her creatures was the starts of the trend of misshaped drawings of animals and odd ball creatures, that you see everywhere now. Read the Guardian article here.

It was a tiny long shop, that you can probably fit in 8 people max on a row, but it was beautiful. The ceiling covered with rainbow coloured raindrops, one side of the wall full of cool knitted things and the other shelves of stationery, cups, knitted wear and more.

Rainbow Raindrops at Donna wilsons Pop up shop


Right hand side wall.
Wall of knitted dolls by Donna Wilson

Human size knitted tree, around 1.5 meters
tall knitted trees by donna wilson

Top of knitted trees by donna wilson

badger by donna wilson knitted doll

On the shelves.

clear glass beakers by Donna Wilson

Cups and prints by Donna Wilson

Wooden Dolls by Donna Wilson

Aren’t they cool? There all online and I think delivers internationally as well. Here is the website, have a look at the blog too sometimes she holds giveaways!

I love how all the characters are weird, playful and sweet. Here is a video of her creatures in a music video, so funny.

Oh and she also has a cool book that those who has children (or those who still like a child, like moi) would probably like call Creative Creatures. Here is a video tutorial for making a character pop up card.

What do you think? Ok, you are thinking has she really not bought anything? Fine. you got me, they are cool but they are incredibly expensive, well for me anyway, I think price is relative to what you can afford and value. So I bought a pin badge of FOXIE which was Β£14, in the current currency that is €17 and $22.8. But I got a tote bag with it for free, hahahaha πŸ™‚

tote bag and foxy badge from Donna Wilson

Have you seen her stuff anywhere near you?