Everyone is a Winner – giveaway announcements

Pfiiuuh! I am so relieved that there are 5 participants to my giveaway. Why? Because there are five gifts, and I was worrying on how am I going to choose from these wonderful stories, they all sounds amazing and fun! This is honestly how I feel.
It would have been a tough decision especially when the quality is all really good.

Hopefully I didn’t actually missed anyone’s stories, if I did let me know. Maybe a month was too long. Anyway like I say I was very relieved, you would find out why if you read their updates:


1. The first post was from mba Nurul – Bocah Biasa Told a story when she won a competition on making an educational and creative programmes for children. How inspiring! – As her post is educational based, She is going to receive the Greek Philosopher quotes notebook I bought in Athens & the red pen.

2. The Entry from Mba Ria on Oh Dear Ria – is the one that made me feel very excited and inspired to want to go travelling – I mean a solo trip to New York – who doesn’t want to do that, and who can deny the fun of that? Come on? – She is going to receive the bracelets because I can see her wearing them

3. I was really honored that Mba Yoyen from Chez Loraine also joined in. And her update is about the fun she had on raising her beautiful and clever daughter G, again I mean that is a feat in itself right? I can only imagine – The invitation cards and a pen are for her – because I can see her having a dinner party with the talent she has in cooking.

4. Then I got the entry from the talented Saxsilverain, whose trip to Holland sounds so exciting and fun. Have read, and you will see what I mean – The tin of chocolate and watermelon playing-card are for her, for the future trips she is going to have.

5. From Chairunisa_a on Instagram, her update was on a trip to Thailand, sunset in a private island and floating in the middle of the ocean. hmmm, I can so imagine the fun and joyful it is. The notebook and pen would be hers, to note down more of the beautiful memories.


Hope you agree with me that it could have been a tough choice, and understood why I was worrying. I also hope those who participated didn’t feel that it is unfair. Let me know if you do, you have got my contact details.

Thank you very much for participating, I am really honored. Hope you enjoyed doing it. Please could you send me your addresses (for those who I haven’t got already), my email is indonesiainmypocket{at}gmail{dot}com. I am sending it from the UK, so it might take awhile for some of you.

Hope you keep on Having FUN!!


Lots of Love

Indonesia in My Pocket


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