Once upon an alphabet – Oliver Jeffers

This book has just been released yesterday, I was so crazy about Jeffer’s work (I’ve talked about him before here) that I joined amazon prime just to get it as soon as possible.

once upon an alphabet by oliver jeffers

Was it worth it? YES. The book is so good. I can’t tell you more than it has 26 different stories, for each member of the alphabet. Some of the stories link up with each other, some of the stories feature some characters from his other books.

Why can’t I tell you more, because each is a really short story that you need to tell the whole story to get the point or to describe what brilliant story telling it is. It is the same with the pictures. The book is Full of Fun and funny surprises, I really don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun.

All I can say I love, F, J , M and O stories the most, and read all of the page as you might miss some of the simple details.

Here are some pictures.Letters by Jeffers

C for Cuo in the cupboard


Owl and Octopus by Oliver Jeffers

whirrafe by Oliver Jeffers

Yeti Yak and Yoyo by Oliver Jeffers

I think this would be my join favourite with Stuck. Jeffers is such a brilliant story teller.

What do you think? if you have read this tell me what you think. And if you have read his other ones, which Jeffers’ book do you like most?