Kampuang Nan Jauh Di Mato – West Sumatran Traditional song

When I was drawing these West Sumatran traditional houses, Rumah Gadang, my intepretation anyway, I kept singing this song in my head. Called Kampuang nan Jauh di Mato, this is in Padangnese, not in Bahasa Indonesia.


rumah gadang dan lubung padi


Kampuang nan jauh di mato
Gunuang Sansai Baku Liliang
Takana Jo Kawan, Kawan Nan Lamo
Sangkek Basu Liang Suliang
Panduduknya nan elok nan
Suko Bagotong Royong
Kok susah samo samo diraso
Den Takana Jo Kampuang
Takana Jo Kampuang
Induk Ayah Adik Sadonyo
Raso Mangimbau Ngimbau Den Pulang
Den Takana Jo Kampuang

kampuang nan jauh di mato

I think you can download this image if you want, I made it in A4. If you want to see a picture of an actual Rumah Gadang, you can see it here.


My out of sight home town (village)
Surrounded by mountains
reminded me of old friends
of the time I used to play the flute (traditional made of bamboo flute)
the kind and friendly residents of (neighbours)
they love to do everything together
they struggle and strive together too
I remember my home town
reminiscing about my home town
It seems that it is calling me home
I remember my home town

Oh and if you want to hear the song, I couldn’t find a good version but this version from a group of junior highschool singing what sounds like their lunch time made me smile. Just reminded me of my junior highschool, this is what we used to do, of course without the sound cloud recording.

Did you use to sing with your friends in your spare time growing up?