V&A – London Design Festival Hightlights

Each year at the London Design Festival there is always a big piece of art/design instalation. This year it is Crest by Zaha Hadid architects, situated in the John Midejski garden of the V&A museum.


Crest by Zaha Hadid Victoria and albert museum

  • This installation came as a flat alumunium that is bent to shape at the garden.

    Here is a time lapse video, on how they made it:

    Crest for ME by MELIA by Zaha Hadid Architects at the Victoria & Albert Museum for the London Design Festival from Zaha Hadid Architects on Vimeo.

    Zaha Hadid is the first woman to have won Pritzker Architecture Prize, she is a Iraqi-British architect.

    You can see her work all around the world including in Azerbaijan, a destination I always wanted to go.


    Paul’s Shed

    Another thing that can be found in this garden is Paul’s Shed, Sir Paul Smith commissioned Nathalie de Leval to make his ideal shed. The inspiration behind the design was to create somewhere where he can go to switch off. More on this on Nathalie’s blog here.

    Shed by nathalie de leval

    Although I much preferred it to be located in the country side, this view from inside the shed is not bad.

    pauls shed at the vanda

    Double Space

    There was another piece of work that was interesting which was Double Space- precision and poetry in motion. They have put mirror-like structure on the ceiling of the Raphael gallery. This instalation tilt and rotates, giving people a different view of the room. I couldn’t get a decent picture of it, though, because the room was so dark it was a fun experience.

    Here is a video from youtube:

    Carousel Wall

    The other thing I saw was Carousel Wall, by design studio David David and British tiles manufacturer Johnson Tiles. The instalation is inspired by Islamic Geometric designs. This piece was on entry from the underground tunnel from the tube station.

    Carousel Wall by David David V&A

    Me personally adore geometry, I am just not sure about the colours, obviously I know a lot about design and art (this is sarcasm by the way).

    Disobedient Object

    The free exhibition that was on was called Disobedient Object.

    disobedient objects exhbition victoria and albert museum

    It was a really interesting exhibition about protests and the creative things people do in protests against the governing bodies or rullings.

    The first exhibition panel said this:

    Many of the rights and freedoms we enjoy today were wom by disobedience. Activist social movements have changed our world from grassroots up, popularising new ideas and values

    On the side there was a quote from Nicholas Klein, (apparently this has been misquoted a lot to have come from Gandhi, but it is actually from this guy). He was speaking for clothing workers.

    First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.

    Very compelling exhibition, makes me want to protest. Plus after listening to Emma Watson’s speech ” If not now, when? If not me, who?” But I guess what for though? I need a clear idea. 🙂 I did a lot in 98.

    protests signs

    Travellers have you seen Hadid’s work somewhere? readers, have you protested against something begore?