Highlights from Tent London – London Design Festival

Beautiful things, well designed, functional and just very clever things were shown on this exhibition. I absolutely love going to this show! I really would recommended anyone who enjoy similar things these things to visit next year, pencil it in your diary!

I went around going “oh my these are amazing? they look so cool!” all the time that at one point I was saying to myself “How come everything is so amazing, are you just exagerating now?” I wasn’t, I am always inspired by talent and cleverness, believe you me I am highly critical, ask anyone who is close to me.

It was so hard to do this update because I don’t really want to bombard you with everything. So I thought I should really narrow them down, and give you the choice to see the rest if you want too, by giving you the other updates as links at the end.

Here goes, I can’t put them in order by the way it was a hard choice already.

Dance in the Rain – 360’degrees 3D

An immersive 3D experience, the audience need to done a headphone and a ski-goggle like glasses, and sit on a box with your feet dangling. You are prsented with a girl a bit like Ayumi Hamasaki, and a video like hers too, she would be floating and dancing. You can experience it 360 degrees, so she would be singing to you and walking around you, and you can follow her every move, to look behind your for example. It is a 360 degrees experience. It felt so real, that when I was sitting right above a valley. Very cool! I couldn’t find the video, or a website here is their facebook page.

Dance in the rain 360 - D3 experience

Random – Pendant light

A beautiful hand-blown lamp, that you lightly pull to turn on, each time it will turn on the bulb one by one. I will upload the video on my instagram. Here is a picture from their website, Studio-If, is a Taiwan based company. Check out their other product on the website of Origami Gramaphone speaker sticker, also very cool. Perhaps one day when I can afford it. *dreaming mode on.

Random glass blown lamp by studio If

NEST – A different kind of Matryoshka

At first I didn’t quite get what they were, as the were all out on display in rows. When I got a closer look I realised from their similar shapes to each other, that they are Matryoska. Made from beautifully handcrafted and polished wood, they are supposed to be a learning tool for children of what is inside of things or which are the biggest. Cool idea right? It took me a while to find the online link for this, because they did not have a website, for these product called NEST. But, the idea came from this Japanese guy, Shigematsu Sunjuya. If you have a look he is more of an artist than a toy creator, his first ideas of these, are very political.

So can you guess what they are?

Matryoshka - NEST - Shigematsu

Curio & Curio

From all the lovely prints these ones stood out the most to me. They are just a lot of good variety and lovely colours print on on cushions, bags and pencil cases. Plus, the lady (who I found later on, is called Clair) was ULTRA lovely and nice, I think her personality just came out through her work. I didn’t take enough pictures because I find it hard to concentrate on variety of patterns, that I want to buy it all. So these pics are from her website. Check out her stuff on her website and she also do Instagram. She just moved back to England from Australia, where she had more stockist in. She wanted a truly British made design and production, great right?

curio curio print

Other Highlights Updates:

So I don’t want to bombaard you with these post, I hid the post some time in the past. This is the first time I have done this.