An unlikely to have happened question

Inspired by other Indonesian bloggers about the silly questions that they got by their fellow countrymen/women, I thought I share mine. One of the questions or maybe just verbal wondering that people say to me all the time when I go home to Indonesia is “You are growing taller aren’t you?” or in Indonesian “Lo tambah tinggi aja” I mean I am a normal 30 something person, who scientifically stopped growing when I am 20. I have not been growing the last 10 or more years.

Just to confirm, I am 1.79 m or 1.80 m depending on the measuring tape that day. Okay I am tall as Indonesian, but here I am medium sized and in Holland I am short. hahahah I am sure like everything is relative.

I have never really had a problem being taller than most people as a child, I hardly noticed it, until of course you see the old pictures where I have to bend down to fit in the camera frame. And then when I was in my late teens, last years of highschool and in University, it was tough to find a boyfriend taller than me, which I am not sure why, it seems to be a criteria people had then, being a teenager in the 90s. But I had no general problem like being bullied or anything like that. 🙂

height illustration

Of course trousers and long sleeves shirt was a lot shorter for me, that I had to have it made, which was not a problem in Indonesia. Now when I go back to Indonesia I try to buy things that doesn’t look odd if it is slightly short on me, like skirts, or if it is long sleeves I would wear them rolled up.

Oh, and the height comes with a larger than average shoes size which is 40/41 indonesian or 7 in UK size. It used to be painful and a nightmare to find shoes my size, the shoe seller would always comment “Your feet is just too large” or in Indonesian “kakinya kegedean mba”. Eurgh, My usual response to this would be “if my feet are as small as yours I would not be stable enough to stand” or in Indonesian “you can just get lost!” hahaha, no just kiddin, in Indonesian it would be “kalau kaki saya kekecilan nanti saya gak bisa berdiri mba”

The brilliance of being this height growing is at Monday mornings patriotistic ceremony (upacara bendera), I get to stand at the back. Also sitting in classes, I get to sit at the back, so I can easily manage my mischiefs.

Another more current brilliance is I don’t really need to wear high heels. Yay!

Do you get ask most likely to be impossible to have happened questions like “have you grown?” What was the silliest thing that people asked you? What was your response.