Roman Invasion – Some tips on the popular sites of Rome

This year I have been to several capital cities. Rome was definitely different. Blessed with good weather I enjoyed roaming through the city. There will be several updates on rome, on two of the most popular sites, on food and the sites that wasn’t even on the map.

Colosseum and Roman Forum

I actually really enjoyed visiting the Roman Forum, this area of Rome is magnificent. In the forum there is a place where you can see the city’s roof top.

In The Forum

A church at the roman forum

Roman forum garden

St Peters from the forum

View two from Forum

The only tip I have for this is buy your tickets at Palantine Hill, the entry is both for colloseum and the forum. I experienced no big queue, there was only two people in front of me. Which means at Colosseum you cut the queue and go straight to the front.


Inside the colosseum

from second floor of colosseum

The walls of colosseum

Trevi Fountain

One of my luck, it was closed for refurbishments, with a lot of scafoldings around it until June 2015, I guess that means I can’t go back to Rome because I didn’t throw the coin. teehee.

Piazza di Spagna

I am not sure when you can see the idylic view of the steps, morning, noon and midnight it seems to be as busy. It was fun to hang around with people though. Good place to draw.

Vatican City

To go see the city itself you don’t need a ticket you can just rock-up and go around the front square. On the other hand to go and see St Peter’s and Sistine Chapel you have to buy tickets.

st peters

Following some advice on Italian blogs, I bought my ticket online prior to the day. The ticket was €16 plus €4 booking fee. The €4 was the best investment I made on the trip, as I disregarded the other tip which was don’t go on the monday. When I arrived the queue to the entrance of the museum was 1/2 km, with several thousands of people in it. It was packed full of people. But with the online ticket I jumped through the queue and went straight to the entrance.

A quick map of Vatican

Inside it was really disorganised, no clear signs with tonnes of people. When you are in the door, aim to your left to exchange your online ticket with a proper ticket at the counter. There were people waiting that made it seems that they were queueing but just go straight to the counter. Then you go through the barrier, the entrance to the museum should be a spiral with some artifacts.

Ceiling of Vatican museum

When eventually I found Sistine Chapel, to see the magnificent ceiling by Michaelangelo I was ushered quickly from one end of the room to the other, as the vigilantes (guards) kept shouting move on. No photo can be taken. It was really hard to enjoy and take in the beautiful ceiling and the content of the museum

Here is some tips

  • Book Online
  • Go on days other than Sunday and Monday
  • Aim for the entrance of museum not the square if you want to go in, see map
  • Cover your knees and shoulders – other wise you can’t get in
  • Don’t go on a tour – you are then stuck in masses of people
  • Carry water with you , in the summer carry a fan, it is so hot inside
  • Do try sending a postcard from the tiny post office, it is the quietest part of the city and you are sending postcard from the smallest country in the world.

vatican post office

sending post in vatican


Coming up the other parts of Rome, Food and Gelati.

Have you been to Rome? have you got any other tips on visiting these sites?