Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna – Rome

The plan was to combine the post about the modern art into 1. But I really want to share these lovely art work displayed in this National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome with you. I would really recommend going there. It is located in one of the corner of Villa Borghese.

In the entrance the first piece of art I came across is this, cracked mirror floor with marble statues scatered above it. I hesitated and skirted around it until a lady said,” you can walk on it.”


I thought it was fun because it made me feel frighten to walk and to break more of it, but I knew I didn’t have to.

Marble statue on cracked mirror floor

It was also difficult to take a picture from above without showing my undies. hahahah, so had to crop that. This installation is by Alfredo Pirri, as a tribute to the architect Cesare Bazzani.
Reading geometry marble boy

There were a few more marble works.

ercole et nico

The gallery was huge, I spent 2 hours in it. It has a massive range of art work from famous artists. Like Monet

Monet GNAM rome

And Klimt

Klimt Three Ages of  Women

This one is called Three Ages of Women, the old women is based on One of Rodin’s statue. I thought this is such a cool image. Here is the detail of this work.

Detail of Klimt three ages of women

The gallery had works from Rodin, Miro, Calder and other most reknown artits. So really worth a visit.

Here are some other works displayed that caught my attention.

Pietro Ruffo SPAD SV11 war plane

A new work by Pietro Ruffo, 2014, look at these details of what makes the plane’s camouflage:

plAne detail 1

Plane details 2

Cool right? Another one that I thought was a painting

unknown blue sticks

Turned out to be made out of a series of sticks

unknown blue sticks2

This one is so big, I thought it was quick brushes

chestnut spike art

Turns out to be made out of chestnut spike

detail of chestnut spike art

detail of chestnut spike art

Colourful ones that I have posted on my instagram,

weird rainbow and tree

book lights

colourful bed

And weird ones from the exhibition “Is this really art?” Marcel Duchamp’s – Fountain.

Duchamp Fountain

I couldn’t figure out whether this is the real one, because I have seen one in the Tate Modern, which is a replica of the thought to be lost work of urinal. Apparently they made 14 replica of the work? Still a question mark whether it is art. I still don’t get why this is art, it is not even pretty, but apparently with this Duchamp took art to a different level where everyday object can become the work of art, because it was chosen to be. Too high brow for me, can anybody explain this in a language I can understand. πŸ™‚

This gave me an idea of posting about art that I think are questionable that it is art. Have you seen any art that you question as work lately. Do share.

GNAM comes highly recommended. The restaurant at the back although expensive nice for a stop.

Website here
Open daily 8.30am – 7.30pm except Mondays
Tickets are:€8

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