MAXXI and MACRO – Rome

This Macro is not the members only mega supplier market (I learnt they used to have this in UK too) and the Maxxi is not a type of skirt, 🙂 both are great looking modern art museums. Another one I would recommend to visit when you are in Rome.


Maxxi (Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, or National Museum of the 21st Century) is located out of the centre slightly northwest of Villa Borghese park. You can take the Metro then Tram or walk from the metro station.

Maxxi by Zaha Hadid rome

Maxxi was my second usual travelling luck in Rome, first it was the Trevi Fountain, this time, they were changing the exhibitions so most of the building were closed. The only exhibition they have is Alien Cave. Which was a free exhibition of huge illustrations by Lorenzo Terranera, Alessandro Ferraro and Fabio Magnasciutti.

Alien Cave

See I told you I am not tall. Tee hee.

So the visit was not a completely a waste as I got to see one of the famous buildings by Zaha Hadid. Remember, I saw Hadid’s work last month in London Design Festival.

Installation at Maxxi rome


As usual does not open on a Monday

On Saturday it opens until 10pm

Entrance: was free but usually  €11


There are two MACRO (Museo d’Arte Contemporanae Roma) I went to the one in Via Nissa, which is slightly South East from Villa Borghese. It was a bit of a walk from the nearest metro, but not too far.

The museum looked like an office building outside, with bamboo front courtyard and glass doors.

The inside had this red giant structure.

red structure inside macro rome

The main exhibition on at that moment was concentrating a lot on photography.

Photography at Macro

Then I discovered there is an exhibition by Indonesian artists called SHOUT! Indonesian Contemporary Art.

Shout indonesian contemporary art exhibition
The most attractive one I think this piece by Maria Indra Sari called Destiny and Regret

Destiny and Regret by Maria Indrasari Indonesian contemporary art

Some other pieces in the other galleries on the second floor that attracted me.

Photo history

These lampshades are made out of Velcros.

velcro lampshades art at Macro rome

This one looks like a photo but it is actually 3-d paper sculpture in an acrylic box.

photos sculpture

Then there is some kind of walk way to the other sides building, where I saw this.

An installation by a Japanese Artist,Toshiko Horiuchi, called Harmonic Motion. A giant knitted play ground/air, that is the only way I can describe it. It encourages people to interact with art. Both children and adult can have a go at it. But you need to wear socks! otherwise you can’t go on it.

Knitted play called Harmonic Motion at macro rome

You can swing on the pendulums, you can climb up through the holes to find your way up.

Pendulum on Harmonic motion

it was so much fun.

Above the harmonic motion
MACRO Website

Not open on Mondays

Entrance was €13.50


Would really recommend both places, but don’t forget to check their website before visiting. As they might be closed or maybe the exhibition they have got on would not be an interesting one for you.

Have you interacted with a piece of artwork before? If you have what was it and what kind of experience did you have?


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