3 Places for Food & 3 Gelateria – Rome

The difference in price of food, coffee and gelati between the touristy area and the slightly off-the-beaten track is huge. For 2 coffee’s and a biscuit in place by Pantheon was €10, a bit of a walk nearer to the Borghese Villa park, €2.50. We were so shock with the price and had to check twice whether we paid enough for the coffee we had.

Having said that we didn’t have a bad meal, whether it is in the touristy place or outside, they are all good. The best meal we had were in these three places:

 Da Enzo al 29

This 20 table place was packed full of people when we arrived at 1pm, we took the only available table inside. The menu had limited choices, there was I think 5 of each types of meal. For starter we tried the fried Courgette (Zuchini in American English) flower and Fried Artichoke.

fried courgette flower

I can’t remember what the name of my pasta main meal was,  but it was really nice, thankfully I have got a picture of it.
pasta at enzo

And for the desert I had both the Tiramisu and the Cream with wild strawberries. Best tiramisu I ever had. I was so full, I nearly burst.

Tiramisu and strawberry cream

The meal was €25 including a demi jug of red wine.  The people was really nice. They close for the afternoon after we left at about 3pm.

da enzo rome


Address: via dei Vascellari 29, Roma



I ate here the night I arrived in Rome, I was quite hungry, so it is nearer to the B&B I stayed in than really anything else. So this is just in case you are staying in the same area, would really recommend this place. I had a Picante Pizza and a really good Tiramisu – homemade. Yumm.


Via Faleria, 57- 00183 Roma

 MACRO museum restaurant

We were really hungry at around 12.30pm that day, we saw that the restaurant had some kind of a buffet. It was pretty quite so we thought, it was going to be a gamble whether it is good or not. We were told that the price is €15 including water, and dessert. It is extra for other drinks. After on average €25 lunches we had, we thought it sounded like a good bargain.

food from macro museum restaurant

It turned out to be a good gamble. It was really worth the money, the choices were abundance. Salad, pasta, soup, etc etc. And about 1pm the place was packed with local office people having lunch. By 1.30 people were waiting for table and it was about 40 (6 seater) tables, type of restaurant.


Via Nizza, 138, Roma, Italy



You can find Gelateria everywhere, but if you are a bit like me who is a bit of a Gelati Snob, these are the places I would recommend to you. Where the gelati are not factory made, reasonably priced and beautifully tasting. The best price for a Gelati should be €2.50, which is the small cup and you get a minimum of 2 flavours.

Tip: If you don’t already know, the way to order Gelati in Italy is you go to the cashier first, then order. You then get receipt, which you need to take to the person behind the Ice cream. You don’t go straight to the person behind the ice cream and then pay.


Again I had this one near where I was staying. The ice cream was really good. There are several places that you can find Fatamorgana Gelati. Here is the link for their locations. I had Basilico Noci E Miele and Bacio de Principe. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture. Sorry. You just have to trust me on this. haha


Gelateria Romana

This place not only serve nice Gelati but also looks nice. I had 2 portion of ice cream, 3 flavours each. I know I am so greedy but it was so good! If I had to choose from all the flavours to recommend, try Yogurt Miele e noci, and Crema di nocciola al cacao.

If you have it in a cup you can ask for chocolate cream topping.

first scoop of gelati romana

If you have it in a cone you can have a drizzle of chocolate inside your cone. So yummy.


Gelateria Romana also serves crepes, cakes and other dessert.

dessert from romana

Gelateria Romana


via Ostiense 48

Verde Pistacchio

I found this gelateria by accident, as I was walking trying to find the area called monti. I was attracted by its colour and by the  decor which had a pistachio colour VW. It was worth the visit, the ice cream was reasonable and the pistacchio Ice Cream was delicious.

verde pistacchio


via Nazionale 239


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