Weirdest art exhibition I have been to

They recommend to not do any superlatives on ones blog, because it will be boring if you found yet another one that tops your earlier judgement, and you keep repeating yourself. But this is truly so far the weirdest exhibition I have been to. If there is another one in the future, I will just change this title.

A lot of giant stuffed animal dolls, in the shape of duckies, rabbits, crabs and plenty more. Well, that actually sounds cute, you say? I think the pictures can speak for it self.

It starts with a few stuffed dog dolls.

stuff dog dolls exhibition vienna

This is fine, they do actually look cool.

Then a clam on a skate board

crab on a skateboard exhibition vienna

Some crabs on skateboard.

crabs on skateboard and swing

Then some characters hung

hung dolls exhibition in vienna

Then a duck with puke sitting on top of a misile? Is it from that saying like a sitting duck?

duck puke on misile exhibition in vienna

Then bunnies on top hospital/morgue bed, one is dead and the other is flopped

What makes it even weird is that in front of each item there is either dome speaker (lamp like thing above your head) or a headphones that produces sounds that one can only describe as trippy house music.

This exhibition was at MUMOK, called Hippies use side door by Cosima Von Bonin. Here is more

pinochio at art exhibition vienna

bunny in front of a beach house

These bits are on plinths, you have got to go on a stair to see it from above.

more random items

Even the guide book that is written by the curator said something along the lines “the exhibition is left to people’s intrepretation of what it is about?”


Then at the end


I then said to myself “aaah that is why, now I understand…”

It was weird, but I enjoyed being weird out by it. Tee hee.

Have you seen any weird art lately? or what makes you feel weird?