What to eat and where in Vienna

If you are like me when traveling and on holiday, good food is always important.

1.Have a Frühstück

A.k.a breakfast or in most cases brunch, this is apparently what the Viennese do. Don’t bother with hotel breakfast go to one of the cafes. There ranges of different types of breakfasts Vienna Cafes is amazing. I had a really nice Großße Frühstück at Ströck-Feierabend.

Freuck restaurant vienna

You can find the branches of this brand everywhere in Vienna as little shops selling beautiful looking croissant and nice looking bread. Their bread is sooo good!

Frock Cafe Vienna bread

But go eat at their Cafe at Landstraßer Hauptstraße 82.

Fruechstuck at Frock

I combined this with going to Hundertwasserhaus, the Gaudi like colourful houses on the north-east side of Vienna.

2.Go to Cafe Pruckel

This is the cafe I would have eaten every day at if I am being one of those people that doesn’t like to try other things or leave things to chance. Why?

  1. The Cafe is 100 years old (at the time of writing which is 2014)
  2. The deco is Old Skool Cool
  3. The Waiters are really nice and funny
  4. The food is GOOD
  5. The price is reasonable. Around the area most places charges  charges around €18 – €20 for a schnitzel, this cafe charges €10 for a Veal Schnitzel. Which is what you should have not chicken or pork.

I had a few different schnitzel at other places, but this one is very nice.

Schnitzel at cafe pruckel vienna

Try also the Beef broth, yumm!

beef broth at cafe pruckel vienna

The ApelStruddle is great, one of the best they say.

Apple strudel at cafe pruckel 1

apple strudel cut

3.Eat Sacher Torte at Sacher Hotel

Obviously. Although some said that you can have Sacher Torte anywhere and there is a huge rivalry between Cafe Demel and Hotel Sacher. Some said one is better than the other. So I had to test it right? I had one in Cafe Demel and one at Hotel Sacher.

Sacher torte from Sacher hotel

I can confirm the one in Hotel Sacher is better, the Cafe Demel one was rather dry. Plus I just noticed from the pictures that the cafe Demel version is a smaller portion/slice. Hotel Sacher has also a better system of serving and more friendly people working there.

Sacher hotel cake buffet

I also had Mango torte which was yumm.

Mango Torte from Hotel Sacher

Tip: Go early otherwise there almost always queues to go in.

4.Still Go to Cafe Demel

Cafe Demel vienna

Why? Because  first of all it smells wonderful when you go in. It just smell of cakes and biscuits. Yumm. Plus it has a funny system which is an experience in itself also the decor is rather Bavarian, and you can see and take picture of people making the cakes.

cafe demel kitchen 1 vienna

Cafe Demel kitchen people working vienna

Just have any other cakes. Another cake I had was  Truffletorte, which was nice.

Truffle torte demel cafe vienna

Tip: You find a place to sit, order your tea/coffee and go back to the cake counter (buffet as you call it) and ask for a specific cake, they will give you a piece of paper that you need to give to the waitress at your table. I know this is confusing, but I guess it helps so people is not ordering the wrong cake.

Front of Cafe Deme

For more recommendations on where to eat in Vienna, I found a good blog, as a reference if you are going to visit Vienna in the near future: Shooting Vienna 

Oh and just for reference this is what Cafe Demel’s Sacher Torte looks like,thinner slice right?

cafe demel sacher torte

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Have you had Sacher Torte anywhere else? Was it nice? I am going to Chicago soon, anyone for a good suggestion where to eat there?