Lorraine’s Hometown – Jakarta

Following my thoughts, I have started asking a few people about their hometown, memories and how they perceive the city they once lived in or still living in.

The first person I asked about their hometown is Lorraine Riva.
A prolific blogger who I admire, both in her writing and views. Similar to me, Lorraine is an Indonesian who has been living abroad for many years now. Lorraine is Living in The Netherlands with her husband and daughter working as a Communications professional.

Hometown for Lorraine is Jakarta.


Finish this sentence

Home is ……..where my loved-ones are and where I can be myself.

Where in Jakarta did you live in?

Pondok Pinang, South-Jakarta

What is your fondest memory of Jakarta?

A crowded cosmopolitan with gazillions things to explore.

When you go back now where would you go to eat and why?

Bami GM. This noodle chain doesn’t have a branch outside Jakarta. When I arrive at Soekarno Hatta airport I head directly to Bami GM for a comforting bowl of Chicken Noodle and Ifu Mie. Then I feel home.

Pempek Radio Dalam. Pempek is a big fish dumpling in a tangy spicy sauce, a specialty from Palembang, South – Sumatra. This shop in Radio Dalam area (South Jakarta) sells delicious Pempek.

Everytime I go visit Indonesia I make a list of food I want/need to eat or try for the first time.

I don’t want to think on my flight back to The Netherlands ‘I wish I have tried x and z dish’.

Lorraine Jakarta

Hang-out and why?

Hmm I don’t have a favorite hang out spots anymore because there are always new ones. My favorite hang out spots where I lived there, before 1995, do not exist anymore or have gotten new interior, new vibes.

The way I see it trendy Jakartans are spoiled with comfy cafés and restaurants that’s why they get bored easily and hop on to the newest place. Plus I stay mostly a week to 10 days in Jakarta before travelling further on. I hardly have time to hang out 🙂

To answer the question during my recent visit last years (2011, 2012 and 2013) I came to cafe/restaurant in Jl Senopati strip and Kemang where ever my family and friend take me.

Shop and why?

Pasar Mayestik South – Jakarta, because it brings old memories. I sat in the junior high school SMP 19 at Jl. Bumi. It is just around the corner. Pasar Mayestik has been renovated and it is now clean and more comfortable to visit.

Blok M South – Jakarta because of the same reason above. My senior high school is SMA 70 Bulungan. I walked from school to Blok M bus station every day. There is one atelier where I have my dresses done.

Pasar Tanah Abang Central – Jakarta because of the abundance of textiles and other stuffs I love. This is a very crowded market but I like to visit it.

Mangga Dua North – Jakarta. I love this area. I used to come here often with my parents for electronic home appliances. When I am at Mangga Dua with my family I just love to stroll around.

Pondok Indah Mall because I know this mall really well. Husband and daughter love it here.

I know this one is not located in Jakarta but I love to come to Pasar BSD. This market is located in the suburb of Jakarta down south west. I come here often, one in two days. My mother would take us (husband, daughter and I) here to do some groceries and eat our breakfast.

What makes you miss Jakarta?

Street food, Monas & the skycrapers at Jalan Sudirman. Everytime I am there I need to see Monas. And family and friends. I don’t miss the malls though 😉

Favourite Jakarta discoveries

For the architecture and history lovers go visit the Kota Tua where Dutch buildings still stand. Or take a trail around Monas and surroundings. It is rich of history. Portuguese influenced Sion church is also interesting to visit.

museum jakarta

My tip is mediocre as this is on almost every guide book about Jakarta. But I really mean it, it is worth to visit it.

Oh last one; exploring tiny islands of Kepulauan Seribu up north is also highly recommended.

If you have one piece of tip for people who visits Jakarta what would it be?

Try to see the city through the traffic jam, haze and crowd. Jakarta is one of the largest world’s cosmopolitans. You can have a cheap or expensive stay there.



Monas is National Monument. A symbol of freedom and of Jakarta.

I have done some update on kota tua too, here and here, I too would really recommend it.

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PS: This update was suppose to go up on Friday but the timezone and unconceeding jetlag took its toll. So expect a Hometown feature every two weeks on Friday. 🙂