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If you have not noticed yet, I love stationery (not stationary or standing still). I found Grensi whilst going through Illustrations, mainly for their illustrated stationery collection of Papua. What I love is their passion for Indonesian cultural heritage that is portrayed in their brand statement. Plus the stationery is so cool and simple!

Here is what I found out about them, from Veny, a half of Grensi.


Who  is  behind Grensi?

Grensi is founded by Victor Alexander and Veny Veronika.
We split the job into two, Victo is responsible in marketing, finance, etc and I work on the creative side. But sometimes I can do his job too, and he can do my job, so we kinda do a lil bit of everything here

Why Grensi ?

Grensi stands for Grand mother and son.

It all started by the tradition in Victor’s family. His grandma is a Batik collector, she loved Batik so much and she had pass her collection to his mom and then mom pass it to him.

This is what inspires us, passing the tradition from generation to generation

By creating functional product for daily needs with a touch of Indonesia Cultures.

We want to give our “idea of art’ which represent Indonesian Cultures to our generation.

Grensi Papua stationery collection 1

Why do it through stationeries?

Because we love stationeries, me personally have been collecting stationeries since forever, we also think that greeting card, post card are personal and thoughtful way to get in touch to your friends, family or colleague and besides

a little touch of Indonesian culture will add more colours in stationery world

We hope so 🙂

Grensi Papua stationery collection 2


Tell me more about your creative process..

We have two type of designs. First we have Indonesian culture collection which launches every 4 months ( like Papua Tribes Man Collection) and we have this seasonal collection like Eid mubarak card, Christmas card, etc.

Usually we will discuss and choose what kind of theme we want to do, we will do research about it. Because we carry this topic, cultures and people’s heritage, all the information must be correct.

The research is actually one of the most interesting part in the process. It’s like learning Indonesian History, observing Indonesian people, and

we found the more we do this the more we fall in love with Indonesian culture

Who is your Favourite Illustrator?

My fave illustrator is Jean Jullien, from French. I love how he critique society with his humour, how he let his work to be part of people’s life, I think he maximise his chance as an artist.

note:it is such a coincidence this artist work is everywhere in London at the moment promoting the EuroStar. Here are some pictures of his work from his website.

Jean Jullien illustration for Eurostar in London


Like what The popo did in Jakarta, love his work too. I think artist should say something with their work, the work should have meaning , otherwise it just a pretty thing to see.

Have you got any advice to people who wants to start as an illustrator or their own stationery business?

Advice? Wow! I think I’m not nearly as qualified enough to give any advice. But if i could share anything to fellow illustrator it would be: practice a lot and be original 🙂
Grensi Stationery range

I love the idea behind your brand which is inspired by Indonesian cultural heritage, so can we expect more of this on your stationery range to come?

Yeah, we told people we are Inspired by the richness of Indonesia cultural Heritage.
Because we are truly inspired by Indonesia, The history, geography, cultures, fabrics, tribes, tradition, to us, it’s unlimited source of inspiration.

We have few topics in minds, but we still working on it. so we’ll see…


Don’t you love their passion for Indonesian culture? I do. This is exactly how I found myself thinking all the time, the fun of researching and finding out more about Indonesia leads you to the Love of it.
I’m very much looking forward to their work and collecting them when I go back perhaps next year.


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