My 2014 Travel recap and a note to self

I have officially packed away my bagpack for the year. No more travel plans. This year has been immense amount of travelling, that I developed a system to pack quickly and lightly that works for me that takes me only 15 minutes. Hahahaha! It is really crazy.

It was quite tiring in some parts. I just realised today, why that is, the only month I didn’t go anywhere is February. Other than that I literally didn’t have any months that I didn’t go anywhere, some months I even go to several places. It was not featured in this row of pic but in additional to this I also went to Holland a few times and I had to go to Jakarta.

January to May 2014 travels



April – Sofia
May – Yorkshire

June to December 2014 travel destination


September – Bratislava
October – Rome
November – Vienna
December – Chicago

Absolutely mentale, I did have termendous fun and it was so exciting, but note to self: Calm down with the travelling a bit.

Maybe just once every three months? Where should I go next? Any suggestions?

Have you got any note to yourself for next year?