Porto – Portugal

Happy New Year to you all! My first update of 2015 is going to be my first ever Travel Throwback Thursday

Oh No! another one of these you say? well this is just for my notes really, you can skip reading this if you want to.
Why, you say? 2 reasons:

  1. When I was writing my recap, I had to reread my blog to actually remember where I have been. Really. Truly. I almost forgot Vilnius and Vienna when I made the list. That is the sad state of my memory.
  2. You may have watched Episode 3 of 1st series of Black Mirror, the one with the Grain, beside the creepy part of it, one of the lines just rings true what I said on my update about memory, which is they fail you, they can deceive you and they can be manipulated.

So I want to start emptying out my travel memories before I started my travel stories on the blog, to preserve what I can. Hopefully not as creepy as Black Mirror. Whether it is just pictures or bite size info. If I went with other people I shall ask them about their memory of the visit too.

Porto – Portugal

This was early July 2012, I stayed a week in Porto. I absolutely loved it. They had good and cheap coffee, great weather, good food and lovely tiles. πŸ™‚

Porto Tiles

Highlight of Porto:

  • The little cafe on top of the bridge with cheap coffee and great view of the Duoro river
  • Β The boat trip up stream on the Duoro Valley, through one of the biggest locks in the world. Believe me it was tall
  • Cheap transport
  • Chicken and rice, yumm I think this is the chicken dressing that Nandos chicken originate from.

Boys jumping of the bridge in Porto

This is some boys we watched jumping out from a bridge where the cafe is.

Funny Moment

Here is the thing, Portuguese although similar to Spanish and Italian in some ways, it is a lot different too. And although it had words that Indonesian words were derived from, it is mostly different. But I, I am somewhat always confident with language, I go around thinking, trying to decipher and understand them without any basic at all, mostly it works, this moment it did not.

I saw this museum near the hotel called “Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes” Teixera? sounds like Textille right? I said to my friend “I want to go to this textile museum, it should be fun” The sign said that it is open today. We knocked on the door and the door was opened by this lady that could not speak English, gesturing that we should wait in entrance room. We waited and then came a man in his 20s I forgot his name. He said come in and lead us through a court yard and he began the tour, of the house of a sculptor called Teixeira Lopes (reads:Tessi-Γ©ra Lop). Turns out it is not a textile museum as I hoped it would be, it was a house of a not very well known artist at all.

We didn’t know how to stop the guide because we didn’t know we were on a tour and that it started already. We thought that he was going to bring us to the paying desk or something at first. It was only 15 minutes in the tour we understood that he started one. And only 30 minutes into it we realised what this supposedly famous guy did that he deserves a museum, a sculptor of mostly graveyard tombstones.

Our guide was super nice that we didn’t have the heart to tell him that we got there thinking of something else. His English was not that great that I think we would have been so awkward to explain our mistake, well more my mistake. He also tried so hard explaining everything to us, we just got through it really trying hard to be interested. Really, really hard.

When it finished we offered to pay he refuses, we felt so guilty but also felt riddiculous. As soon as we got out of the gate, it closes behind us, my friend and I had a look at each other, raised our eyebrows, then started uncontrolable laughing. We laugh all the way back to the hotel. My friend took so much pleasure in pointing out how stupid I was, and still reminds me quite regularly to this day about it.

Porto riverside

I would go back to Porto any time, I really enjoyed it, I am sure you will to.

Porto from the bridge

Have you mis-intrepreted something before that makes you do stupid things? Are you like me who is over-confident about language?

PS: if you haven’t watch Black Mirror, do watch it is creepy and really scary, stories of possible dark future of technology.