Curated Craft Market – Renegade London

This is its second year running in London, the Renegade Market hails from the US. I think they go from city to city in the US, and in Europe they are only having it in London last year. The concept is curated Craft Market. I am not sure how they curated the market, but it was definitely good. There were a few stalls that was not to my taste, but that is going to happen right?

Renegade Craft Market

In London it was held in Brick Lane’s Old Trumans Brewery. I got in just as they are open at 11.15ish. It was not to busy. I thought what I do was to go a round once and then go again to buy the things that I actually want. No chance. They were just too many beautiful things, that I can do it systematically.

The theme that seems to be emerging from the craft though are Dinosaurs, Cactus, Flamingo and Watermelon. Jewellery that is made out of Lasercut Perspex is everywhere.

Here are the things I bought from some creative people. Mostly they are jewellery.

A necklace from Iris De La Torre.

Iris de la torre necklace

A wooden mobile library necklace, the back is so cool.

Mobilr Library necklace front

mobile library back

Survival Tips:

– Bring tons of cash, some of them doesn’t take card
– Try to look a round more before you buy anything (I know I seem to be unable to do this) but really do
– take their cards so that you can find them online

I bought a few Christmas presents here to including a dinosaur brooche and one of these trees. This tree is by Katrine Brosnan.

tiny brooches of tree

What do you think?

You should know me by now as in my taste in things, if it is similar to yours, I would highly recommend trying to find out whether the Renegade Market is coming near you soon. Well worth a go. Hopefully it will come back to London in November/December this year.

Have you been to a craft market like this? Let me know on the comment below.