Eva’s Surabaya

Moving on from Jakarta, don’t fret I might do more on Jakarta, but as Indonesia is huge I want to move on to another part of the country, Surabaya, East Java. This time I asked Eva, from the blog Si Koper Biru, about her Surabaya.

Eva in the snow

Eva grew up in Surabaya, lived in Jakarta for a bit and now work and lives in Coppenhagen, with her beloved cockatiels. We did this interview via twitter, which in itself was interesting for me to do, but it was soon very apparent that we are similar to each other that we went of to a random tangent. It was fun to do. 🙂

Anyway here goes in the edited version in English.


Me: Finish this sentence: Home is …

Eva: Home is comfort. Me : comfort is…

Eva: Comfort is when you are perfect where you are standing or sitting and you don’t want to move or go anywhere else.

Eva's Cockatiels

Me: Where is your hometown? Eva : Or Surabaya a.k.a Sidoarjo, just say it is Surabaya from birth to 2001 when I moved to Jakarta

About Memory

Me : When you are little what fun place do you go to with your parents?

Eva : The one that I remember the most was when my parents took me to Surabaya Zoo. It was our city’s pride back then. In front of the zoo there’s a monument of the city symbol – a shark and a crocodile tangled into one, fighting each other.in which they make the name of the city Sura-Baya

Me : What made the zoo so nice back then? Eva : so many animals, of course as a kid it was mesmerizing for me to see exotic animals that I only watched on TV. I have always been fond of animals since I was a kid. So it was nice to go to the zoo- not far from our house back then Me : When you go home to Surabaya where do you go to eat?

About Food

Eva :

  • First is of course at home. My mum’s Sayur Lodeh. She usually has it ready on the day I arrive. There’s nothing else I want more than that.
  • Second is the take away crabs from the nearby seafood warung*. We do take away because it’s messy to eat seafood. Even at home my mum banished us to the veranda to eat the crabs, because she doesn’t want the house to smell.  My sisters and I will usually prepare all the things we need: mosquito repellent and newspaper to line the table.
  • Crab dish from Surabaya

  • Third I would go to Depot Bu Rudy to have her famous Nasi Udang and bought busloads of sambal Bu Rudy to bring back to Denmark. Me: Can you not remake the Sayur Lodeh? What so good about your mum’s version?

Eva : There is no Keluwih. Not even the seed, which is the best part. I don’t even know how to translate that. 🙂 My mum’s Lodeh Keluwih is so divine.

Me : What is Keluwih?

Eva: It some sort of Jackfruit

Me : Where is Depot Bu Rudy?

Eva: It is on Jalan Darmahusada. It gets really busy and difficult to find parking, especially during lunch time.

Me: Oh all of this makes me want to go to Surabaya. When you are there where do you hang out?

Hang-out and Places to Visit

Eva: I hang out at Galaxy Mall. Hahaha. It is where I meet my old university friends. I go there because it is the nearest to where I live. Just want to avoid the traffic.

Me: Does it get bad? The traffic?

Eva: Well it is not as bad as Jakarta, or maybe this just that I am biased of my hometown. I have got more love for it.

Me: If a tourist comes to visit to Surabaya, where would you take them?

Eva: That is a good question. It is kind of hard if we are just staying in Surabaya. Usually I take them to Jatim (Jawa Timur= East Java) Park, Prigen Safari Park, Bromo Mountain, Malan or a culinary tour.

Me: What about shopping? Is there a kind of hidden gem?

Eva: Hmm not really a hidden gem, there is Atom Market.

Me: Atom Market? I love the name!

Eva: It is the most popular shopping place, especially prior to Chinese New Year. They sell a lot of Chinese new year’s related stuff. The food is also good at the market. They sell stuff from DVD to Ball Gowns Although every time I go there with my sister or mum, it is too much for me, they take absolutely ages to shop.


Me: It sounds a bit like Tanah Abang Market in Jakarta

Eva: Oh I don’t know I have never been.

Me: Ok, last question describe Surabaya in 140 characters

Eva: Surabaya is a vibrant harbour city w/ a history of good culinary delights. It has more relaxed atmosphere than Jakarta and its own rhythm.

Me: Cool, thanks Eva.


I have never been to Surabaya. I have only passed it to go to Bali, I have been to both Bromo and Malang but not Surabaya. I’d love to know more of the city from more people. If you are interested to tell your side of Surabaya let me know on the comment below.

PS: Apologies to Eva, who I have interviewed a long time a go now, but only manage to upload this week. I have been really late and slow with this update. Been really busy at work and have been working long hours 😦

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