The Village of Corfe Castle and Swanage – Dorset – England

Having been to many places in England , I would say the south coast is one of the prettiest part of it. Is a place of inspiration for Enid Blyton, Thomas Hardy and T. E Lawrence. I am surprised that I have not mentioned it in this blog, maybe because I go there quite often, that I take it for granted. In the summer the place is full of people from London, that the locals run away, probably to London. Teehee. In the Purbeck Coast you get a good range of beautiful landscapes that will inspire you, farms, hills, woodlands, cliffs, small beaches, interspersed with cute stone built houses, and tiny little pubs. A very quintessentially English Country Side. When people say to me ‘argh England is so horrible and grimm, there is no nice beaches’ I always say ‘Have you been down to Dorset or Cornwall?’ Highly recommended. Train Master House Corfe Castle Dorset England Here is a quaint village, Corfe Castle, with a ruin castle, and steam train running from the nearby coastal town Swanage. It is fun to take the steam train, it feels like you are in one of Enid Blyton’s book. Corfe and Steam Train To get here by train from London, you go to Bournemouth, then take a bus to Swanage. If you come that far then I would recommend staying over in the area. Corfe Train Station Corfe Castle Pottery Place Dorset England Some things in the train station. Old Sunlight Advertisement Board Corfe Old red Cigarette Dispenser Corfe Dorset England What do you think ? Have you been? What part of England do you think is the most picturesque?