Jersey – Channel Islands – UK

My last post on a pretty village in Dorset, got so many good response, I started to look for all my pictures of other more obscure places in the UK. It turns out I don’t have a lot, as I didn’t seem to take as many pictures when I am on Holiday in the UK. Here is one I can find. Jersey. This is one of the Channel Islands of UK, it is really nearer to France than to the UK main land.

Jersey Castle

I think I was there some time in 2008 or 09, it was already turning cold in the mainland, as Jersey is further south it was slightly warmer. The island is pretty small, you can reach it by ferry from the Dorset coast. You can even combine your visit with a trip to France, as it is on the way.

Jersey has got this slightly different government system, that you can only live in the area as a permanent residence if you were born there or if your skill can’t be supplied by the island. It also has a different tax system. I am not quite sure what it is.


Anyway, as a tourist, this place is cute. Good transportation around the island. There are small villages dotted en-route. The main towns are pretty too. The beaches are quite exciting, some of them you can only reach by foot. It is famous for it’s cows that produces special Jersey Cream and Garlic. I tried garlic ice cream there, it was weird.

Jersey Cow

What do you think? Anyone has any other things to add to this?