Favourite Stationery Shop in The Netherlands – HEMA

It is technically not a Stationery shop, just chain of shops that sells clothes, cosmetics, food etc. You can find Hema in any town or city. Their designs is always cool! Went to Holland The Netherlands the other week and went to Hema to buy some stationery for my new job! a new job is like  a new school year right = new stationery.

Here are things I bought.

   Notebook and pen from Hema    

pen and folders from hema

This folders are amazing, never seen anything like that, with multiple colourful pockets.

     Hema folders and pens

I also bought an album and strap for my fuji instax.


Fujifilm instax strap and album

Of course I bought some more washi tapes. *Obsesive. I will find something to do with them one day. πŸ™‚




The prices are quite good with the quality of the design, the pens are €0.90.

Sometimes I think Hema’s shops layout is a bit messy and jumbled, maybe they don’t tidy, but don’t be discouraged if you see that, the items are well designed. I know some of you live in Holland, do you go to Hema often? What do you think of the shop. 

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