A Visit to Arnhem – The Netherlands

Like England I have never considered The Netherlands as a travel destination. I lived there for a few years, some of my extended family lives there and also according to my mum I have traveled there since I was one year old.

I do want to share my trip to Arnhem, because there are two notable destinations that you might be interested in.

  1. Burger Zoo
  2. Hoge Veluwe Park – Kroller Muler Museum

1. Burger Zoo

I am sure I have mentioned somewhere in this blog that I used to live near Asia’s biggest zoo (not sure it still is) Ragunan, in Indonesia. I have always love animals and fascinated by diversity, I don’t thoroughly love zoos as a concept in general, but the zoos in Europe I know is very well regulated and animal well fare is highly important. I have been to many zoos in my life time, I would say that Burger Zoo has an interesting concept.

Desert Burger Zoo

It has plenty of covered environment, they have a tropical environment and desert under cover, protected from the weather outside that are big enough to have a cafe each inside. It also has a large aquarium section. Of course there are some animal outside mainly the big ones, but you can definitely enjoy the zoo in the cold times too.

Aquarium Burger Zoo

You need to allow a day to go there.

2. Hoge Veluwe Park

Now this is a national park outside Arnhem, probably 15 minutes drive, it has an interesting landscape of protected heathland and forest. The park reminds me a lot of New Forest, Hampshire, England, similar landscape and environment, if you have been then you know what I mean.

Artwork at Kroller Muller

You would need a car to reach the park and access it, as it is around 10km from the entrance to the centre of the park. If you are going to only visit the park the ticket is € 8.80 and €4.40/child, to go to the park and the museum (which I would recommend) it is €17.60 and free for children, plus obviously €6.25/car.

One of the fun things about the park is that there are bikes available for you to use in the park, that you can pick up in certain places. Me and my friends had fun riding the bikes around.

The modern art museum – Kroller Muller has some great and interesting collection too, from a range of well known Modern Artists. I love the sculpture park outside the best, they are very cool. Unfortunately as we all know my luck I could not get into this very instagramable piece of work.

Kroller Muller Sculpture Art

I would also allow a day to go here.

These two attraction are great for the kids, so if you are ever in the area I would highly recommend it.

The city of Arnhem is also quite nice, it has a really good library and museum, it also has plenty of option of places to eat. We ate in the cafe at the first floor of the Library and then Indonesian food at Rasasari, which was pretty good.

Obviously the best part of this trip to Arnhem was meeting another Indonesian living abroad blogger – Lorraine and her family. They were so welcoming and had the honour to taste Lorraine’s cooking, what can I say, they are even better than the beautiful pictures she takes on her food blog. Meeting them was what the Dutch calls ‘Gezellig’, in English it would be translated to cosy but that is not quite right, maybe cosy and familiar, I am not sure there is a similar word in Indonesian either, I think the Dutch word describes it best.

That is it from me, lately I have been in a slump in terms of writing, so hopefully this boost it up again. Although the next few months is going to be crazy busy, so any idea on how to overcome blog writing slump when you are really busy are welcome.