The food of Chicago

I personally can’t believe I have not write about the food places I went to in Chicago. I had to go through my blog 3 times before believing that I have not written about the food. Which is a bit weird, considering that is one of the important things in my travels: food, culture and art. Well consider this a throwback.

This was my first time in America, so obviously I have got a list of things that I need to eat. I have ate this before but food always taste different in the country of origin

  1. Burger and Hotdog
  2. Fried Chicken
  3. Donut
  4. Hersey chocolate
  5. American Pizza
  6. Bagel
  7. Root beer
  8. Starbucks

Oh and before I went the other thing that I found out people should eat is their Tamales. I think I manage to eat all that, but here are the nice unusual places I went to eat.

Ed Debevics – Retro Diner

The  first day I arrived, made a resolution to eat in a diner. I found totally by chance, this place called Ed Debevics. It looks like a proper diner with absolutely tonnes of neon signs and signs in general. Bearing in mind this is the day after black friday so it is holiday time, the place was packed.

Neon sign at Ed Debevic

The waiters are dressed in ludicrous outfit, one guy looked like he was a member of the band Kiss, and a girl looked like she was in the cast of Grease, and other waiters are wearing similarly weird clothes.

We were seated and the waiter asked “Have you been here before?”, No was the answer, she then said ” Well the waiters are rude and they sometime dance on the counters.” Cue – blaring music and some waiters jumped on the counter and start dancing to ‘Get your Funk’. There is a short video on my instagram account.

She does looks really moody but we are not not used to that in England, I guess in America everyone in service is really nice, because they rely upon tips. I find out later on from some colleagues in Chicago that people love this place, it is an establishment, they go there to be insulted and ask for people to be rude to them. Weird.

Ed Debevic Hotdog

Anyway, I had a hotdog with everything on top with chips and a rootbeer float. The Hotdog was slightly too salty (I find later on that American Food are just really salty) but generally it is all good. The atmosphere is really good too and fun, there is  a lot to watch.

The next places I found on this website – Thrillist Chicago, pretty good stuff in there.


This place is pretty cool, I had brunch there and tasted Mimosa (sparkling wine and orange juice) or what the British calls: BucksFizz. I can’t remember what the name of the food I had, but it was really different and nice. It is an egg on top of red beans and guacamole.

Guacamole Redbean Egg

From the suggested starter I chose to have a portion of Pumpkin Donut Holes. I think it is just donut dough shape into a ball. It came with two dips, one caramel and the other is icing sugar, it is pretty sweet.

Donut Holes

For the sides I had Tots, which is I think a homemade version of Tatter Tots, fried compacted mashed potato, this was really nice.

Tater Tots

Fish and GT Osyter

I can’t actually remember what I wanted to try there but I remember they don’t have it in the lunch menu, which is when we were there. Gutted. The place was pretty nicely decorated, with hanging fishing ropes and bottles, very cool.

I tried fried chicken on top of a waffle with maple syrup. It sounds funny but it is actually quite a good combination. I also tried the Clam chowder with dumplings in it – it was really too salty, I could not finish them.

Fried Chicken and Waffle


I tried so many other things as well, but mostly forgot to take a picture because I was too busy eating and enjoying them. By the time I remember the food is gone.

I didn’t manage to try Tamales in Chicago, but a colleague who came to the UK afterwards from Chicago brought loads of Tamales for me. They are sooo good!! it almost seems familiar, you can sort of see them as a Menadonese food, if it wasn’t a Mexican one. hahahaha! Check out the Thrillist for good Tamale places.

PS. sorry for the low standard of pictures, the places were so dark and I made a rule to myself not to go crazy on taking food pictures. And if you must know I think I ate everything on my list

Have you been to Chicago? Any good places you can recommend to eat?